Those Carryout Insurance Commercials Are Bringing Out My Inner Prankster…

Every  time I see that  guy  in the Domino’s  commercial  advertising  “carryout  insurance,” all I can think  about  is accosting people before  getting their Domino’s  pizzas home so they  have  to go in and get the pizza remade. Follow people in their cars after they get  their pizzas and make sure the pizza never makes it through the door of their houses. I wonder if Domino’s  will remake a single person’s pizza more than once in a day?  Only one way to find out, right?

Of COURSE I’m  not going to be a “pizza thug!” It’s  just fun to think about.

I’ve  always  thought  that my mind is wired  like that of a criminal. Thankfully  my moral compass points just enough northward to keep the world from ever seeing this side of me come out!

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