When Does a Child’s Whining Become a Legit Complaint?

I’m not a parent…but I empathize somewhat with other parents – and on occasion, their children. I spent a few years working as a substitute teacher, so to say I don’t have ANY experience with children is absolutely incorrect! I also used to occasionally babysit when I was in high school (one of many reasons I decided later on to never be a parent), so yeah…I’ve done “kids” on occasion (not literally “done” them perish that thought)!

All of that said, one of my friends shared a rather eye-opening story today on Facebook:

Yesterday evening leaving Meijers there was a very small kid carrying a very large slushy and complaining to his mom.

“Momma, this cup is really big. And it’s cold.”

They were behind me as I was heading out and the kid kept going.

“Momma, I don’t think I should be carrying this. I can’t hold it good.”

Then the kid tripped over the end of the door mat, face planting on top of the cup and sending slushy drink spraying in a tidal wave everywhere. It barely missed soaking me, and the kid got up while yelling, “I TOLD you momma! I TOLD you!”

I have never heard a more outraged toddler. And he was totally justified, because he had told his momma and she had ignored him.

From the mother’s perspective, I can see how this would be a “boy who cried wolf” scenario, especially if the kid tends to whine a lot. Maybe she was just busy, overwhelmed, or maybe she really was just tuning him out. I get all of that. But in this case? I think I side with the kid!

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