Trivia Recap – July 16, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

We THOUGHT we posted our lowest score of the Sporcle Live trivia season last Thursday when we played at Sticks. Monday…we outdid ourselves in terms of “badness!” We posted a score one point lower than we did the last time we played. But…that’s OK, right? Our 95 point score will eventually be thrown out because of the “best 12 scores out of 21” rule, right? Winning two first place ($15 each) prizes kind of softened the blow a bit! Speaking of “blows,” poor Brad took a nasty spill on his bike Sunday evening and scraped up his right arm pretty badly (he called it “road rash”) – and Mike and I had the “key” part of our car key decide it didn’t want to be attached to the “fob” anymore (it was quite the ugly breakup – apparently the key wanted to see other people). Good thing Mike’s ears pricked up when we heard the key “ding” to the ground while we were walking in (otherwise that could have been disastrous). So while Mike dealt with that little annoyance, Brad and I bravely held down the fort for most of game one (kudos to Brad he was a question answering machine for a bit there – and I knew a sports venues answer that he didn’t know). Joel and Mike showed up in time for the game one mystery round – which was really, really rough. I know teams like to get all excited about the “before and after” mystery rounds, but these were among the roughest we’d ever seen (tournament caliber to be sure)!

Here I go with the questions…

Game One

1. Fonts – What company, which operates more than 400 stores in more than 50 countries, released a font in June, 2019 called Soffa Sans, based on its online design your own sofa tool?” Brad with right guess for 2.

2. ’50s Music – What Elvis Presley single mentions characters including Spider Murphy, Little Joe, Drummer Boy and the Purple Gang? 10

3. Einstein – In Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, what is the tow-word term for a boundary in space time beyond which events cannot affect the observer? 9

4. Money – Old Man and the Mountain was a landmark in what Northeastern state that from a certain angle looked like a face – with the form collapsing in 2003? 8

5. Academy Award Winners – Audio clip of jazzy music heard at the end of a movie that won the Academy Award for best picture. No teams got it right… miss for 4.

6. Sports Venues – Sports Authority was an American retailer that held the naming rights of which NFL team from 2011 until after the company’s 2016 bankruptcy? Brad to me: “How do you know this?” Me: “I’ll explain later.” Just a random factoid that stuck in my head when I was “trying” to learn stadium names a while back (thank you brain)! 7

7. European History – Within one, in what century did the 30 Years War take place – with more than 8 million Europeans dying as a result of the war – or as an indirect result of its effects – including famine and plague? 3

8. Comic Strips – In the Peanuts comics, name either the person referred to as “Sweet Baboo” or the person calling another person “Sweet Baboo?” Name both for a bonus point. Got both…

9. Theme Songs – Carter Bays and Craig Thomas of the band The Solids provided a 12-second theme song for what series created by Bays and Thomas? This was not an audio clue, and I’m honestly not sure if the series air dates were given as part of the question. Miss for 1.

10. In the Kitchen – What common household item is known as “kitchen paper” in the U.K.? Good guess for 5.

Mystery – Before and After

M1 – Reality competition series whose winners were Dan Gheesling and Rachel Reilly and ensemble series led by Sally Field airing for five seasons beginning in 2006.

M2 – West African country with Dakar as its capital and Southeast European country with Tirana as its capital

M3 – 1998 Mariah Carey single from the album Butterfly and a 1994 Mariah Carey holiday song

M4 – My notes are way too bad on this one…something about WWE Raw Tag Team and Sheamus? So sorry, guys…

Scores heading into the final: Four teams, scoresĀ  32 to 58 – with the ‘Pods in first.

Final Category – Presidential Elections

What 20th century president is the most recent to run for re-election and finish third in total number of electoral votes?

Wagered 17 points and missed…

Game winners: Peas Above Stick, 34; ‘Pods, 41.

Game Two

1. Food – What is the seven-letter Japanese name for thinly sliced raw meat – usually served without rice? 10

2. Tanks – The medium tank M4 is colloquially known by what name in honor of what American Civil War general? 9

3. Country Music – According to the title of a 2004 single, what kind of woman is Gretchen Wilson? We put “honky tonk” as our guess (no idea, though our guess was actually kind of close), miss for 1.

4. 2000s Movies – What 2007 Judd Apatow produced film features Jonah Hill playing a character named Seth, Seth Rogen as Officer Michaels and Michael Cera as a character named Evan? 8


A meme I made a while back when I was on a Smiths memes kick…BTW, I really like Jonah Hill – if I see that he’s in a movie’s cast? That *usually* means the movie won’t suck IMHO (but not always)!

5. Mythology – Who is the Greek goddess of the harvest and agriculture? For a bonus point – who was this woman’s Roman equivalent? Miss and miss for 4.

6. Buildings – The Hagia Sophia is a building that was originally a Greek orthodox cathedral and is considered to be the epitome of Byzantine architecture located in what modern day country?

7. Disney Movies – In what 2005 film does Kurt Russell play the head of a family of superpowered folks? This question is heavily abbreviated, but this was the clue question, got this for 7.

8. Dances – According to some source (that I didn’t write down), what 1985 Miami Sound Machine single sharing its name with a Cuban carnival dance featuring a dance with three shuffle steps and a kick? 6

9. Video Games – Q 2013 MMORPG introduced in 2013 and has received three major expansions including Heavensward, Stormblood and Stormbringer? No idea, miss for 2.

10. Limited Time Offers – In July, 2019, what fast food chain introduced $1 tacos, which were, in general, poorly received by reviewers and customers? This sparked a “stick to what you know” discussion among our teammates. Would you go to KFC for burgers? Taco Bell for fried chicken? Long John Silvers for coney dogs? If dumb old me just sitting at home seeing these commercials can say, “Boy that seems like a bad idea,” why didn’t the marketing people think the same thing before they did it? SMH… 3 points.

Visual Mystery –


Missed #2.

Scores – Five teams, scores 33 to 54, with the ‘Pods in first.

Final Category – Not the Olympics

We had no idea what to expect, so we wagered zilch…

Name one of the three most populous countries outside of Africa and Asia that has never hosted an Olympic Games.

As is almost always the case, when we bet zero, we know the answers! Brad and I came up one of the correct answers right away. Thankfully we weren’t punished monetarily…

Final scores: ???, 50 and ‘Pods, 54.

We’ll be back at it Wednesday at the Owl. Our work week ends Wednesday night (yay vacation! I will want to be doing things like this…


I’m beachward bound this week! Can’t wait!

As always, Go Pods and stay classy, Barney from How I Met Your Mother!




One thought on “Trivia Recap – July 16, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

  1. game one
    1. Ikea
    2. jailhouse rock
    3. event horizon
    4. new hampshire
    5. the artist
    6. denver broncos
    7.. 16th
    8.. linus and sally
    9. how i met your mother
    10. paper towels
    mystery – big brothers and sisters, senegalbania, my all i want for christmas is you, cesaroma reigns
    final: taft
    game two
    1. sashimi
    2. sherman
    3. redneck
    4. superbad
    5. demeter, ceres
    6. turkey
    7. sky high
    8. conga
    9. final fantasy
    10 bk
    mystery – montreal, berlin, mexico city atlanta
    final answers: Argentina, colombia, ukraine

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