Deep Thoughts Before Bed…

Tuesday  I watched  a documentary  about  John  Belushi. For reasons  I can’t  quite  explain, the circumstances  surrounding  his death  have  always  been fascinating  to me. If any one of those  things  happened  differently, he might  not have died  so soon. Though  his drug  abuse  would have likely  ended  him  sooner  rather  than later. Better  to  burn  out  than  to  fade  away?

Tonight,  Stripes  is on with  Bill  Murray. And I wonder  about  whether  Bill  Murray’s  career  was  helped  by  Belushi ‘s death? On that note, what  about  Chevy  Chase’s career?

What  if Belushi  lived to see Ghostbusters  become  a smash  hit  after  his having  done  some flops  before  he  died?

Dammit now I’m  trying  to  picture what Spies  Like  Us would  be like if Belushi  were  in  it  like  he was supposed to.

Need to shut  off my brain and  sleep!

3 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts Before Bed…

  1. Belushi was one of many talents gone too soon. He, like John Candy and Chris Farley, is one of those stars that always makes me ask “what if…” I have read about many projects that were intended for stars that passed away before it was completed. One can only wonder ….

    You mention Bill Murray and Chevy Chase, I have wondered the same about Mike Myers, who got the Shrek voice over gig because Farley passed away. I have a feeling Belushi and Aykroyd would have gone on to make many movies together, which makes me sad. They worked so well together.

    I was at the store this week and added a book to my “to read” list – “Wild and Crazy Guys” by Nick De Semlyen. On the cover – Belushi, Aykroyd, Murray, Chase, Steve Martin, and Eddie Murphy. I need to pick it up and read it.

    1. Remember those stores where you could pick out your own T and iron on design? I had a “wild andmcrazy kid” shirt when I was a kid (loved Steve Martin). My flag would be half mast when he dies. Don’t get me started on Phil Hartman (I still mourn his very, very senseless and untimely death).

      1. Yes I do! I had quite a few shirts like that. Seems like that’s what we would get when we went up north on vacation. They always had the iron on designs up on a wall, and then they’d make it for you on that big press.

        We were just talking about Steve Martin at work last night. Talked about many of his films. I have a couple of his albums, both comedy and music.
        Phil Hartman – what a talent! I agree. I remember the day I heard about it – I thought my buddy was pulling my leg. Senseless indeed!!

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