June, 2019 Blog Stats Update – Most Monthly Blog Views…Ever!

WordPress stats say that I’ve had  2,082 views  during  the  month  of  June  so  far, exceeding former  top  dog  month  April, which  had  2,067 views. This  is  the  highest  number  of monthly  blog views  for me…ever!

In really big blog news, my blog about a cabin trip to Cheboygan State Park in May, 2018 recently became my most viewed blog of all time with 162 all-time views as of this posting.


Me at Cheboygan State Park in May, 2018 – Lake Huron is in the background. You could see the Mackinac Bridge from this beach right in front of our cabin! Behold…

20180520_211037 (1)

I’d really love to stay in this cabin again! You pretty much have to book cabins at this park as soon after January 1 as you can (they are really popular)…

The cabin trip blog “unseated” my top-viewed blog of all time, which still has 157 views (it’s a really outdated blog I did several years ago about visiting different microbreweries in the state of Michigan). It’s SO much in need of an update, that I’m not even bothering to share a link to it here…(you can probably find it if you really, really want to see it).

Here are some screen captures showing some other blog stats…


Chart showing total views by month


Most viewed blogs in June, 2019



List of my most-viewed blogs (all time)

I appreciate  the  views, the  comments and most of all? I appreciate  having  this “outlet.” What started  out  as a beer blog in 2011 evolved  into a trivia  recap archiving  project in 2016 and has since  taken on a…  life of its own. Though  trivia  blogs continue  to  be  the  focus of this site,  I also enjoy doing  travel blogs, “study” blogs and personal blogs –  and love  having  a bit of fun writing about all of the oddball  things piquing my interest. I even  get  back  to my “roots” every  now  and  then  and post random  beer blogs here.

Thanks  as always  for stopping  by! A busy  work week begins  for me Sunday  morning (ugh two Sunday shifts in a row, I am displeased about this), and Thursday will be my only day off  until the holiday weekend. I was hoping I’d have Friday off, which would give me a long weekend (no such luck, one of my co-workers is on vacation).  I’ll  be heading into Kalamazoo next Friday afternoon  for a wedding, and meeting  with  a  friend visiting  from Las Vegas  after that.

Rest assured, I will still squeeze  in “blog time” whenever I can!


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