“Rulebook” For My Trivia Live…

My Trivia Live has posted a “rulebook” regarding clarification on questions, which I’m sharing here as a “courtesy” to folks who may not be “social media” folks… (copied and pasted from their web site):

My Trivia Live Answer Acceptability Guide:

  1. Unless more information is requested in the question, when an answer requires a person’s name, a last name is acceptable for a correct answer (e.g. “Dickens” is acceptable for “Charles Dickens”).
  2. Providing an incorrect first name with the correct last name is unacceptable for a correct answer (e.g. “Don Johnson” is unacceptable for “Dwayne Johnson”, “Bill Washington” is unacceptable for “George Washington”)
  3. Spelling does not count for a correct answer, unless the question asks for a correct or specific spelling. If a misspelling changes the spelling of a
    word to remove syllables, add syllables, or become another word and alter the meaning of the response, it may be ruled incorrect (e.g. writing “Linkin” for “Lincoln” still provides the same pronunciation, but writing “Alex in Wonderland” gives a different meaning than “Alice in Wonderland”).
  4. If a response is not complete or precise enough to make the answer completely correct, it may be ruled incorrect (e.g. “Coke” for “Diet Coke”, or “Die Hard” for “Die Hard 2”). Adding additional information that alters the accuracy of the answer may also be ruled incorrect. (e.g. “Northern Ireland” for “Ireland”, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” for “Star Trek”) When in doubt, ask your TJ for clarification!
  5. Barring smaller words like “A” and “The,” titles of works need to be precise for credit. While The Picture of Dorian Gray is similar to The Portrait of Dorian Gray, the first is the title of the novel. Family Man is similar to Family Guy, but no one would expect the first to be acceptable when asking about a TV series.
  6. Players should avoid using abbreviations when a full word provides more clarity and alleviates any confusion. (e.g. do not write “He” for “Helium,” do not write “AK” for “Alaska.”)

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