Getting Back On The Trivia “Horse?”

Is my trivia team playing “for reals” again? I don’t QUITE have an answer for that…but I’m pretty sure that the answer isn’t “no.”

We started taking a more “relaxed” approach to trivial pursuits beginning in the fall of 2018 and for pretty much the first half of 2019. We’re now in a good position to vie for a tournament spot again, at least in the Sporcle Live league. We’ve found a place we like playing every week, and also a possible “second” place, too. But I still don’t want it to be a “push.” I don’t want “have to” to be part of my vocabulary involving ANY trivial pursuits. That’s what caused me to get burned out on in the first place.

What I can say with certainty is that going to the “big” tournament in Las Vegas in 2020 is not something I’ll be aiming for. Only one person on my team said they’d be interested in it – though getting him to “commit” to it with his complicated personal life is another story completely!

It’s been “difficult” for me at times to turn down the competitive “dial!” I do feel like a dog on a leash at times (no dirty jokes LOL)! I am pretty competitive at my core – I like to win -and the experience of playing against really good trivia players/teams – well, let’s just say it can be a “high.” I really enjoyed playing against some of our “old rivals” at McShane’s Pub last night – and beating some of them, too! There are also “certain” teams that are more enjoyable to “beat” than others. But isn’t that true of all trivia teams out there? That CAN’T be just me! Hell, maybe to some of the teams out there, MY team is the “the one to beat.” I’m DEFINITELY getting that impression Mondays at Sticks! It’s kind of a strange sensation, but I totally get it…  I remember having a “team to beat” at this bar way back when we were starting to get our “tentacles” wet with competitive trivia.

As for half-year “stats?” We’ve been “blanked” on prizes 10 trivia nights this year out of 39 total games. I’m not a mathematician, but I’m pretty sure this means that 75 percent of the time, we win a prize on a trivia night. We’re “averaging” between $12 and $13 in prizes each time we go out to play.

Winning a “big” prize in a tournament this year – would be nice! The next “tourney” game will be in August… (or July if I have to play in a semifinal game).

I’m going to say…let’s just see how it goes. I’ll continue scheduling games when I can hustle the players and continuing to focus on winning beer money… If our efforts result in spots in semifinals and finals/state championships, so be it. If not? Well then f— it!



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