Krispy Kreme? You are EVIL! Evil, I Tell You!

A couple of days ago I learned that Krispy Kreme is now offering chocolate or standard cream filling in their glazed doughnuts. Read more about that here.


To me, the cream filling looks a bit more appetizing than the chocolate filling (LOL)!

I honestly can’t remember the last time I ate a doughnut. But I’m pretty sure it was sometime in 2018. I do TRY to have a little self control around foods. And thank the GODS the nearest Krispy Kreme locations to me are in Troy, Allen Park and Utica (all locations which are more than 40 minutes away from where I live). I think you can buy Krispy Kreme products in stores, but when you REALLY want a doughnut and only indulge in them… maybe twice a year tops? Fresh is best! I used to work in a grocery store and there was just nothing quite like getting a doughnut that was so fresh that it was still warm. When I do get doughnuts, I like cream filled long johns (no dirty jokes please) and standard fried cakes with chocolate icing and/or sprinkles. Though jelly-filled Bismarcks are also yummy. Did you know Bismarck, ND is named for Otto Von Bismarck? It was an attempt to get more German settlers in the area, or something like that…if Von Bismarck were alive today he’d be lighting Twitter on fire IMHO, though I digress!


Well played, Krispy Kreme…you’ve upped the ante with doughnut making!

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