What If a Bunch of Former Girl Scouts Showed Up On Your Doorstep?

I decided take a magical history tour with Google Earth today… and found out someone is building a home on property that used to be the grounds of Camp ‘O Fair Winds. This land in Columbiaville, MI (northeast of Flint) housed a Girl Scout camp from 1930 to 2009. In 2014, the land and all of the buildings were auctioned off. You can read more about that here.



This new building, presumably a home, is being built on the shores of McKeen Lake. When I went to camp there, a lodge building called Willow Crest was there. I did overnight trips there with my Brownie/Junior troops, where we’d plant a bunch of mattresses on the floor in the rooms and have a massive slumber party (little or no sleep actually occurred at these things).  It served as the first aid station while I went to summer camp there.

I attended summer camp here during the summers of 1981, 1982 and 1983. You can read about those experiences and more of my “camp” experiences here.

Now some lucky bastard gets to have all of this land to themselves. Yes, I get it – all’s fair in business and war. The Fair Winds Girl Scout Council could no longer afford to maintain this land, and girls probably became more interested in things other than camping (pity). In the meantime, these people get to have this lovely property all to themselves and enjoy the peace and quiet of NOT hearing Girl Scouts singing campfire songs, marching songs, or engaging in various horseplay.  Unless…(queue up devilish grin)…

A bunch of former Girl Scouts just showed up here one day with their swim caps, swim suits/towels and told these people they wanted to take a dip in McKeen Lake. Maybe set up some archery targets, some portable fire pits,  and set up tables for “bug juice” and s’more fixin’s… (yes I know this is trespassing and I DO NOT ENDORSE DOING THIS)…

Or does this sound like some sort of bad movie?


A still from Top Secret, where Lucy Gutteridge (left) says, “Does this sound like some sort of bad movie?” Val Kilmer is on the right…

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