Latest News About Wurst…

The biggest trivia “news” in my ‘hood as of late is of the Wurst Bar switching trivia companies Wednesday nights from My Trivia Live – to Geeks Who Drink. And it sounds like MTL… isn’t going down without a fight! The latest rumor I’m hearing is that MTL is trying to get a show going at the Tower Inn on Wednesdays – right next door to the Wurst Bar.

Is this a front row seat to a potential trivia battle royale? I’ve already had the Wurst bar owner trying to “bribe” me and my trivia team with free drinks to give the new Geeks Who Drink show a try next week (that’s a definite no-go).

MTL setting up at the Tower Inn next door  would work out well for the Wurst trivia host, who seems confident she can take her loyal MTL players with her. This would, of course, piss off the Wurst owner, whom is probably hoping the Wednesday crowds he already had showing up on Wednesday nights will show their “bar loyalty” by playing the new Geeks Who Drink show.

Sure, some of the more “casual” trivia players might make the switch to Geeks Who Drink. But the hard-core “regulars” who go to a place solely for the MTL trivia nights? They’re going to find another spot to play.

It’s hard to tell how well Geeks Who Drink will fly in Ypsilanti. They are hosting only 12 shows total in Michigan so far, and the players who are already “in contention” in the MTL and Sporcle Live leagues seem to like the format of those two leagues pretty darn well. I can see some of the trivia “junkies” maybe giving Geeks Who Drink a try – or maybe adding a GWD night to their trivia routines, but I can’t see the really dedicated Sporcle Live and MTL players switching allegiances to GWD. I personally don’t care for the GWD format.

But will Tower Inn be a successful trivia spot? MTL already had a show there a while back, which folded. Then competitor Sporcle Live set up shop – and a couple of weeks ago – that show folded, too. We had to stop playing there because the 9 p.m. start time was too late on Tuesday nights.

I know I’m *supposed* to be objective in all of this, but I consider the Wurst trivia host to be a friend – and I want her to be able to keep her Wednesday night show (even if it happens somewhere else). Also as a breach of my objectivity, I think it’s pretty crappy for the Wurst owner to make this big decision about trivia companies when the trivia players only have four weeks left to go in the current MTL season. If I were still playing there, I’d be pretty pissed off to have to find a new trivia spot to play out the last weeks.

One thing I’ve observed about trivia players over the years, that any bar that is offering trivia nights will, if it’s successful – wind up bridging gaps. Players who don’t normally like places such as craft breweries/brewpubs/coffee slash taphouses will still go to them for trivia nights. Likewise – players who don’t normally frequent “dive” bars will go to dive bars if there’s a trivia night. I’ve certainly been in enough “dive bars” over the past several years to prove this “theory” correct!


I’ll be sure to keep posting updates as I hear them!



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