On Second Thought? Nope! I’m Not Accepting That “Bribe…”

I’ve decided to not accept the “bribe” of a free round of drinks offered to me by a local bar owner in exchange for me bringing a team to try out a trivia show at his bar. Maybe my past life as a “journo” is rearing its head – and I’m avoiding a…conflict of interest. I still feel a “bit” bad about having accepted a gym bag from Lifetime Fitness nearly 20 years ago when I did an article about them opening up a new location in Canton, MI. That is the only time I accepted anything from a business about whom I was writing a story. I’m sure I’m not the only journo who did such a thing – and really…it was JUST a gym bag! Yes, that bag still gets used on every trip, but still…

My reasons are also a bit…personal. I personally know the trivia host whom hosted a trivia show for a different trivia company at this bar. I’m not completely convinced that everything was on the up and up with doing the “switch,” either.

At the heart of it all? Why publicize a trivia game I don’t intend to play?

I don’t wish any ill will to this other trivia company – or to this bar. I’m just not going to help spread the word about this on my trivia team’s Facebook page – which I have discovered reaches a lot of people (some recent posts have “reached” more than 300 Facebook users) – and is a more effective “tool” than I ever imagined! If I did bring a team to this bar and accepted his offer of free drinks? It would be kind of “expected” that I post nothing but a game recap that would cast the bar – and the trivia company – in as positive of a light as possible. And I’m not going to be “bribed” into doing that. He and the Geeks Who Drink company can do their OWN publicity!

Guess in some ways I haven’t really stopped being a journalist, have I? And I’m making my own “editorial” decisions!


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