What To Expect From The YpsiAlehouse

I visited the YpsiAlehouse Tuesday night for its all-night happy hour. I kind of wanted to “scout” things out a bit, since my trivia team will be playing a trivia semifinal game here on Saturday, June 8. I wanted to see what new beers they had, which beer was on “special,” seating arrangements, etc. The web site for this place is very, very informative… The information I’m providing here is from a “townie’s” perspective…

My trivia team played here for a couple of seasons in the spring of 2016, when this place opened – and started serving trivia nights on Sundays not long afterward. At the time, I was in fairly close contact with one of the managers named Nicole, who used to work at the Corner Brewery (she has since moved out of town).

Before the YpsiAlehouse opened, a fried chicken joint operated here for a brief time, and was called Korey’s Krispy Krunchy Chicken at first, until it changed its name to just Krispy Krunchy Chicken because some customers found the KKK thing kind of offensive.

Rewind about 20 years before that (mid 1990s), and BW-3 operated here (now called Buffalo Wild Wings, or just simply B-Dubs). My friends and I used to come here when it was BW-3, and we would occasionally play Buzztime Trivia. I was also told that I “belched like a trucker” after trying hard cider for the first time (LOL)!  It was a place where you kind of had to…mind your surroundings, if you will! The crowds could be a bit on the “rough” side, you could always just tell a fight could break out any second, and I hear that one of the customers even died here after falling down the stairs to the restrooms. This is just something I’ve heard from another “townie,” I have nothing to back this up…

2019-06-04 21.53.40.jpg

YpsiAlehouse has “pub style service,” which means you place all of your orders at the bar.

Nowadays, a mixed crowd tends to frequent the AleHouse – college-aged all the way up to 60 and older. Live music is offered just about every night…

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

What’s The Skinny On the YpsiAlehouse?

  • Parking – Park for free behind the AleHouse if you’re lucky enough to find a spot, or in the bus station parking lot across the street. Metered street parking may be in force on Saturdays (do not quote me on this).


  • Drinks – They have red and white wines, a couple of ciders and beers to appeal to everyone’s tastes at the Alehouse, all (beers) priced from $5.75 to $6.75. They always have a “special” beer that prices out at about $3.75 a pint, on the night of our visit, it was a Tower Tart Ale “tart wheat” (it was actually pretty good). Hopheads will love the Mooneye American IPA and the Tridge New England IPA; middle-of-the-roaders will like the Rosie Country Irish red ale, the Pottawatomie Trail pale ale and Isle Royale amber; folks utterly allergic to hops will  probably like the Blue Racer wheat, Streetcar No. 10 pilsner (labeled as a “pre Prohibition style beer,” which seems to be a trendy beer style right now, I had one of these, I wasn’t “wowed” by it, but it would be a refreshing summer beer) and the Wheat Heart hefeweizen. The bartenders will give you tastes of anything you want to try. They even have a “light” beer – a Easterner Weisse berliner, which weighs in at 2.9 percent ABV. Seriously, do not waste your money on this unless your goal is to drink beer AND stay sober – it costs $6.25 for a 20 ounce glass! If you want non-alcoholic options, read on!
  • Not a drinker? They have coffee, hot tea, various canned Coke products, Sprecher root beer and a cream soda (both of these with one free refill). They also have flavored sparkling waters served on tap, with various flavors. These are actually quite tasty, we used to order these quite a bit because we’d head out to a happy hour immediately after our trivia games (where the beers were cheaper).
  • Pub-style service. You’ll need to place all food and drink orders at the bar. They will bring your food to you, but you’ll have to fetch all of your drinks. If you want eye candy, maybe you’ll get the same bartender we had who was wearing shorts that barely covered her butt (wink-wink)!
  • Restrooms – they have a “one seater” located close by, but the main bathrooms are downstairs. It smells a bit “dank” down there, and never forget that there was a dead person down there…
  • Table arrangements – expect “cozy” seating, especially if you have a five-person team. The tables comfortably accommodate four, but five will be a bit more of a tall order. All tables are low-top. Avoid the seats by the small round tables – they LOOK comfortable, but they will pitch you forward as soon as you sit down. Stick to the regular wooden tables/chairs. All are low-top, except the small round ones close to the bar.
  • Food – Don’t ask me about food (I have only had their food a couple of times, and that was about three years ago)! They will have a daily special menu, or peruse their menu. 
  • People watching – tons of people watching potential if you sit near a window here! Try to not sit by a window if you’re playing a trivia tournament, lest you be distracted by “bus depot folks,” customers/employees visiting the Deja Vu strip club, or police sirens if some shit decides to go down (you never know).
  • That’s about it! Maybe you’ll feel celebratory after your trivia game and stop in at Deja Vu for a lap dance! Doing a home improvement project? Stop in at Ace Hardware! Want ice cream? Check out GO! Ice cream!  #pureypsi



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