Sexiest Sentient Beings…(Living And Dead)

What does the word “sexy” mean to you? To me, sexy is not only in the eye of the beholder, but more importantly, the mind! So, “sexy,” to me, means someone who arouses your body – and your brain! The double punch…

I’ve been “trivia blogging” for several years now, with the blogging starting out with posting recaps of local pub trivia games. With each recap I’d post on our trivia team’s Facebook page, I would always include a photo, usually of a person who has some kind of connection to one of the questions that were asked (sometimes very, very tenuous connections). And since I am a bit of a selfish beast, sometimes…I’ll use photos of people that I think are kind of “sexy” in their own ways. Hey…it’s MY blog!

Since I am “equal opportunity,” I didn’t always just post pictures of guys I thought were hot! Here’s a compilation of some of the most popular photos I’ve used with game recaps and other trivia-related posts over the past several years, with a brief explanation of what I thought made the photo/person “sexy.” And since I am not a People magazine employee, I’m not limiting this list to only humans – or human men – or human men who are alive! In fact, I think dead is actually kind of sexy…

In no particular order and by no means not all-inclusive…

Ernesto “Che” Guevara


The beret, long hair and smoldering eyes say it all! Also, he was a revolutionary, and that’s super hot!

River Phoenix


He died young, had cheekbones to sell your soul for, was a fantastic brooder, was a great actor and one of those guys you thought would let you “take care of them.”

Winona Ryder


I’ve frequently used Winona pics with game recaps, mainly because my husband has crushed on her since seeing her in Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael. I have a bit of a “girl crush” on her, too!


Heath Ledger


Let’s see, died young, played the Joker, sexy voice, adorable in 10 Things I Hate About You!

Falco (Johann Hölzer)


Sang in German, had absolute pitch, would make me choose “clean cut” over long-haired in a taste test…also, died in 1998 when he was starting to stage a comeback (tragedy is ALWAYS sexy). Also…THAT LEATHER JACKET…and those EYES!

Marilyn Monroe


What can I say that was “sexy” about her that hasn’t already been said? She had to be SEWN into this dress. Another female celebrity I have a “girl” crush on (there will be one more of these on the list)!

Mike Patton


Bet you didn’t think you’d see many living people on this list, did you? Faith No More lead singer Mike Patton could croon like Sinatra, belt out “metal” like nobody’s business, could put on “crazy eyes” on demand and…man, he was SO hot back in the day!

Harrison Ford


He’s married to a woman 22 years younger than he is, he’s played Han Solo, Deckard, an undercover cop in Witness and swashbuckler Indiana Jones. Also in real life, he rescues people with his helicopter or something, which kind of makes him a real life superhero (sometimes they are sexy).

Bugs Bunny


Confidence, smart-aleckiness, relentlessness, keeps everyone around him on his toes, comfortable enough in his own skin to go in drag from time to time (and fool everyone). Classic Bugs!

Robert DeNiro


One of my favorite living actors…he’s played The Godfather, Satan, a boxer, a taxi driver and too many gangsters to count. Here he is playing Satan in Angel Heart. Classic “method” actor.

Jane Fonda


Rounding out the list of actresses I have “girl crushes” on – Jane Fonda! Comes from an acting dynasty, controversial for her Vietnam War views, Oscar winner, did a workout video when she was in her 40s…

Hal 9000


Call him a “villain” if you will, but I say Hal 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey was just proving his own badassery by not allowing himself to be bossed around by “the man.” Also, tragedy…



Just to be clear, I don’t have a “girl crush” on Madonna! But her video for Justify My Love is the reason I will NEVER see any of those 50 Shades of Grey movies – because in my mind, they will not measure up to this video! Also, because of nine inch nails’ Closer video (which did essentially the same thing).



DC character Lobo destroyed his own planet so he’d be the last man standing. Rides a motorcycle, has a way with the ladies, DC’s answer to Wolverine…he will make an appearance in season 2 of Krypton!




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