Eighty Three Games At Original Gravity???

Based on my “estimates,” my team has waged a total of “approximately’ 83 trivia battles at Original Gravity Brewing Co. since it started offering trivia nights on March 3, 2016. We played “in contention” for two whole seasons, though it was mostly a “just for fun” bar that I enjoyed visiting because of its small town vibe reminding me a bit of…home (I grew up in a small town, though it was smaller than Milan in both area and population).

Over the next day or so (before I head out for my U.P. trip), I’ll be trying to do some kind of “roundup” of some of my “favorite” games from Original Gravity.


Here’s my “Fearsome Foursome” that won a venue tournament in July, 2017. We had some “hired help” in the form of Joshua (upper right), from the team Teamy McTeamface. We were able to wager eight points on a question about rodeo movies because he’s from Oklahoma! I was disregarding my team’s “rule” about looking away from the camera when photos are taken of our team..

Until I get a chance to do my own “top ten list,” feel free to take your own little “tour” of those Original Gravity games – use this link.

Wait…I think that number is actually…85! I forgot about a couple of games that were played by someone else under our league number! Well, I did say the number was “approximate!” What would we do if we didn’t occasionally have “hired guns” doing our dirty work for us?

One of many, many ways that pub trivia is kind of like the Mafia! Wait…there’s no such thing as the Mafia (LOL)!


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