Theme Trivia Night – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (May 16, 2019)

Answers are in the comments…

A couple of us Buffy the Vampire Slayer “fangirls” (Angie and I) met up to do battle on a Buffy trivia night Thursday at Haymaker Ann Arbor. Our mission on this night was not to kill all of the demons guarding the Hellmouth ergo closing it for business permanently – but we did have fun slaying a few tough questions and reminiscing about that fun TV series! We both agreed that Spike was a better boyfriend for Buffy than Angel (LOL)! We also agreed that Dawn was ANNOYING! And we…both have “girl crushes” on Faith!


Faith was the “bad girl” counterpart to Buffy’s “good girl.”


And the questions, which WILL be very, very abbreviated…hope you’re all “five by five” with that!

Game One –

1. Gifts – What was the name of the stake given to Buffy by Kendra, who said it had brought her good luck? 10

2. Ghouls – What was the collective name of the four ghouls who appear in the episode Hush? 9

3. Birthplaces – What is the city and state where Riley Finn was born? Miss for 1. Knew the state, not the city.

4. Robots – Who are the three named characters who have dated robots disguised as humans? 8


One of those robots is April, whom is on the right…

5. Not the Scooby Gang – What is the name of the biker gang in Sunnydale who appear in the first episode of Season Six? Miss for 2.

6. Teachers – What is the name of the teacher for whom Mrs. French becomes a substitute after he winds up getting killed? Miss for 3.

7. Willow’s Fault – What does Willow do to make up for casting a spell that caused Giles’ blindness, Spike and Buffy to fall in love and for Xander to become a demon magnet? 7

8. Not Willow’s Fault – What was the name of the demon with razor sharp nails appearing in season 7 – who uses his nails to flay the skin from his victims? Miss for 4.


We couldn’t remember this demon’s name, so we put “Evil looking Dobby.”

9. Awards – What four words appear on the ornamental umbrella award given to Buffy from the class of ’99? Miss for 5.

10. Slayers – Who is revealed to be a “potential” slayer via Willow’s locator spell in season 7? 6

Mystery – Identify the locations of the following events:

M1 – Buffy slays Luke to disrupt the Harvest – S1
M2 – Anya sings about the evils of bunnies – S6
M3 – Where Oz is caged to prevent him from killing people as a werewolf – S3
M4 – Where Caleb and The First house their base of operations – S7

Missed #1.

Game Two

1. Principals – Name two of the three men whom have served as Sunnydale High School’s principals. 10

2. Careers – What career does a career aptitude test reveal to be the best choice for Buffy? 9

3. The Talent Show – What play do Willow, Xander and Buffy perform at the very end of the puppet show episode? Miss for 3.

4. Deaths – In what two countries did Spike kill previous slayers? 8

5. Cordelia – Finish the Cordelia quote – “I have to have the most expensive things not because it’s expensive, but because (three words)? Miss for 1.

6. Birthdays Suck – What is the exact name of the rite of passage slayers must undertake when they turn 18 – where they must use their cunning instead of their strength? Miss for 2.

7. A Grave Category – What six words follow these words on Buffy’s headstone – Beloved sister, devoted friend (six words)? Miss for 4, though the right guess was considered…

8. Eliminating the Competition – When a love spell is cast upon Xander that makes all of the women (except Cordelia) fall in love with him what does Amy Madison do to keep Buffy from seducing Xander? 7

9. Once More – Who summons the demon Sweet in Once More – With Feeling? Miss for 6.

10. With Feeling – What was the very last line of the very last episode? 5

Mystery – Put the following Xander girlfriends in order in which they appear in the series.

Julie, Lissa, Nancy and Ampata

Got two of these correct.

We were in fourteen out of 17 teams heading into the final with 89 points.

Final Category – Series Regulars

Name the six characters appearing in 50 episodes or more aside from Buffy, Willow, Giles and Xander.

Managed to get four correct…

Fun theme night! When you’re not paying to play, it makes it easier to “play for fun!” Next theme night “tentatively” on the agenda is the ’80s music night Thursday, may 30. We’ve done well with the ’80s theme nights in the past, we’ll see if we can keep that hot streak alive!


One thought on “Theme Trivia Night – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (May 16, 2019)

  1. game one:

    1. Mr. Pointy

    2. The gentlemen

    3. Huxley, Iowa

    4. Warren, Spike, Joyce

    5. Hellions

    6. Dr. Gregory

    7. bake cookies

    8. gnarl demon

    9. buffy summers class protector

    10. Amanda

    mystery – the bronze, magic box, library, winery/vineyard

    game two

    1. Snyder Flutie Wood

    2. police officer

    3. oedipus rex

    4. China, U.S.

    5. it costs more

    6. do not recall this answer

    7. she saved the world a lot

    8. turned her into a rat

    9. Xander

    10. What are we going to do now

    Mystery Julie, Ampata, Nancy, Lissa

    Final answers: spike, anya, joyce, cordelia, dawn and angel

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