Trivia Recap – May 17, 2019 – Sticks

Answers are in the comments.

For the second time this week, we posted our second highest score of the current Sporcle Live pub trivia season! Anyone confused yet? We’re riding a bit of a “hot streak” right now in our trivial pursuits, and considering some of the “lows” we had to ride through recently and some annoying close (so, so close) calls in recent high stakes games? We’ll TAKE it! We’ve won $60 in trivia prizes so far this month – and this week alone have been 4/4 for getting final questions correct! Yes…we’re just as surprised as all of you are seriously what madness is THIS? We know that what comes up must comes down, wait for the other shoe to drop, count your blessings, yada yada…

We’ve essentially been through it all in our trivial pursuits – the dizzying highs, the “meh” middles and the lower than a limbo stick in a Jamaican limbo contest lows – and have been reporting on them all!

Thursday’s game at Sticks was the second part of a “double header.” The first part of that double header was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme trivia night at Haymaker. This was a “just for fun” outing involving a couple of fangirls and we won no prizes 😦 Though we still managed to slay some tough questions!

Now about that game at Sticks….special thanks to Evan and Mike for starting that “party” until I could get there…

These questions WILL be abbreviated…

Game One

1. Scandals – The Black Sox Scandal was a 1919 event that took place in what major sport? 10

2. Campaigns – After a May, 2019 tweet, Chance the Rapper and a subsequent retweet campaign, what fast-food chain announce they will resume selling a discontinued item? Miss for 2

3. Museums – The largest museum in North America is dedicated to what one person and is located in Pittsburgh, PA? 1

4. New Music – Audio clue…don’t have any other details…

5. Borders – What country is the only country to border Brunei? Miss for 5.

6. Kids’ Books – What literary character’s last name is Wormwood and is 5 1/2 years old? 3

7. Same Name – What fabric’s name is shared with a ’60s girl group and also the French word for “rag?” FB clue, 8

8. TV Jobs – What job is shared by Marshall Darling on Clarissa Explains it All, Elyse Keaton on Family Ties and Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch? Once you miss this question about Mike Brady at a game at Powell’s – which I did a couple of years ago? Never again! I will ALWAYS remember what you did to help provide the income for those six kids and to pay a sassy housekeeper! 7

9. Presidents – Who was the first U.S. president to be a member of the Democratic Party? For a bonus point, what was the most recent decade for there to have been a Senator who was not a Democrat, Republican or Independent? Missed the bonus, got this for 6.

10. Movie Characters – The character Gamera was created to compete with what other movie character?

Mystery – Initials with “popular” letters – The initials of the people will include the first letters of the four most common words in the English language (I’m pretty sure these were the qualifiers given…)

M1 – Name of lead actress on I Dream of Jeannie

M2 – Six-time Pro Bowl winner in 2001, 2002 and 2006 and leader in receiving touchdowns leader

M3 – Father of the author of The Diary of a Young Girl

M4 – English mathematician who wrote about Laws of Motion, among other things

Got all of these, though we hiccuped a bit on #3 (I thought of this guy’s name at nearly the last second).

Scores: Nine teams – 29, 38, 50, 54, 55, 58 (‘Pods), and 63 with Dem Iggs in first.

Final Category – War Movies

Put the following films set during wars in order according to when those wars took place, from the earliest to most-recent setting.
Heaven & Earth
Lawrence of Arabia
The Thin Red Line

Final scores: TC, 75, ‘Pods, 76.

Game Two

1. TV Families – Red and Kitty are the parents of Eric and Lori on what sitcom which aired from 1998 to 2006?

2. Poetry – Who is the subject of a 1860 Longfellow poem beginning with the words “Listen my children and you will hear…?” 9

3. Video Games – A video game in what popular series that now includes over a dozen entries was one of the original X Box games? Miss for 1.

4. Movie Couples – Name either of the movies featuring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal playing two romantically involved people. Both for a bonus point. Good teamwork here, 8.

5. History – In addition to Spain, what other country had sovereignty over Texas? 3

6. Colors -Which color on the visible spectrum has the shortest wavelength? You’d think that with an artist playing on our team we wouldn’t miss this one, but…EVERY SINGLE TIME! Miss for 4…

7. Albums – Within two, in what year was Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon released? 7

8. U.S. Cities – The Mall of America and Indiana University are located in what cities by the same name? 6

9. Sports Teams – In 1976, the California Golden Seals moved to and played for two seasons in what city before merging with the Minnesota North Stars? Needed Brad for this one (he’s in Vermont showing his Scottish deerhounds in a specialty competition). Miss for 2.

10. Food – What condiment is made from horseradish, starch, mustard and green food coloring? 5

Visual Mystery –


Got all of these.

Scores – We were second with 57 right behind TC with 58.

Final Category – U.S. States

Name both U.S. states with official state nicknames that include the word “Mountain.”

Evan said this wouldn’t be a strong category for him, but he knew one of these right away because of an episode of The Office. I’ve said it before…and I’ll say it again – on trivia nights, it doesn’t matter HOW you know an answer – as long as you know it! And we will thank Brad for “kind of” helping us get the other answer correct even though he was several states away (a state which was the other answer) while this game was going on. Sigh…he said he won’t have time to pop into the gift shops at either the Calvin Coolidge or Chester Arthur birthplace/museums to buy a souvenir pen for me 😦 Guess I’ll have to drive out there myself (LOL)!

Game winners: ‘Pods, 77; TC, 78.

Until next time, which will be Monday at Sticks. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Tommy Lee Jones (that shouldn’t be too difficult)!






One thought on “Trivia Recap – May 17, 2019 – Sticks

  1. game one

    1. MLB

    2. Wendy’s

    3. Warhol

    4. Audio clue…N/A

    5. Malaysia

    6. Matilda

    7. Chiffon

    8. Architect

    9. Andrew Jackson, 2006

    10. Godzilla

    m1: Barbara Bach, Terrell Owen, Otto Frank, Isaac Newton

    Final answers: Lawrence of Arabia, The Thin Red Line, MASH, Heaven and Earth

    game two

    1. That 70s show

    2. Paul Revere

    3. Halo

    4. brokeback Mountain, love and other drugs

    5. france

    6. violet

    7. 1973

    8. bloomington

    9. Cleveland

    10. Wasabi

    mystery under pressure, ebony and ivory, timber and empire state of mind

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