Trivia Recap – May 14, 2019 – Sticks (Monday, ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS)

The question sets in the Sporcle Live games were…pretty easy as far as question sets go – and even the final questions were in our wheelhouse! I know, I know…what’s the catch? With the ‘Pods, it’s ALWAYS something, isn’t it? Well, the “somethings” in this case were the two mystery rounds. They seemed innocent enough – coming up with names of celebrities isn’t usually TOO hard for us to do – and sports logos don’t usually straight up murder our brains in a typical game, either. Only got ONE question correct out of each mystery round! Still not a bad ‘Pods outing overall, we logged our second highest score of the past season with 148 points, and won a $10/second place prize in game two – and got BOTH final questions correct. We wagered conservatively on the category “movie co-stars” because overconfidence in categories such as these has burned us before. Turns out wagering full points would not have kept us out of second place (thank you sports logo mystery round for humbling us, if nothing else)! Also shout out to the duo from Peas on a Stick for NOT having any trouble with those mystery rounds and for getting first for the night!

The good news is our score of 148 bumped up our per-night average slightly (now 116 out of our twelve highest scoring games of the season). Just because we played a bit more “casually” last season doesn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention to how we were doing!

What else did we learn from Monday’s game? All three of our players thought of completely different things when it came to an audio clue question we had in game two! I mean – no real pop culture crossover whatsoever between these three things (it was an odd occurrence indeed). More about that when I get to that question…

Game One

1. Things That Are Flat – What term refers to electrical time sequence measurement that shows no activity such as an electrocardiogram showing no activity from a patient’s heart? 10

2. Pancakes – What type of thin  pancake of Russian origin is known by a five-letter name beginning with “B,” is made of wheat and is traditionally served with a variety of garnishes? Miss for 1. Name doesn’t even SOUND Russian.

3. Coins – What type of fish is depicted on the reverse side of the Washington state quarter leaping in front of Mount Rainier? 4

4. Sidewalks- Who wrote the following lines?

Yes we’ll walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And we’ll go where the chalk-white arrows go,
For the children, they mark, and the children, they know
The place where the sidewalk ends. Got this for 9.

5. Paper – “Limitless paper in a paperless world” is a slogan associated with a fictional company on what TV series? 8

6. License Plates – What film series features a car with a license plate that reads OUTATIME? 7

7. Basketball Courts – Within four, at its closest point, how many feet away from the basket is the NBA three point line? 2

8. Albums – An illustrated zombie-like character named Eddie appears on covers of all albums by what heavy metal band? Triviagasm for Mike, 6.

9. Old Soda – What beverage brand known for its ginger ale, bitter lemon and tomic water was first introduced in Switzerland in 1783 and is one of the oldest soda brands? FB clue, 6.

10. Not The Earth – Name one of the two largest objects by mass in the solar system other than the earth that have names beginning with “E” – both for a bonus point. Got this for 3, but no bonus (Mike did consider the right entity but changed his answer, so we missed the bonus).

Mystery – Vowel Names (all answers will be persons whose first and last names begin with vowels):

M1 – Actor who was nominated for four primetime Emmy awards for playing Dr. Mark Greene on ER

M2 – Singer who has been called the “Godfather of Heavy Metal”

M3 – Actress who plays “Crazy Eyes” on Orange is the New Black

M4 – Former Playboy playmate who played Elly Mae on film in Beverly Hillbillies and later appeared on Celebrity Fit Club


Woman whose name escaped us in question #4…

Only got #2 correct. We MIGHT have gotten #1 correct had Brad mentioned the last name of the actor he was thinking of to me while we were brainstorming, but there was NO prying #3 and #4 out of our collective brains. Are we “supposed” to watch Celebrity Fit Club? Do we gotta? 🙂

Scores: 45, 51, 59 (‘Pods), 61 and 62.

Final Question Category: Elements

Of the elements on the periodic table with exactly five letters in their names, which one is found in a different group than the others?

It took us a bit, but we got it. And strangely enough, me having seen lots of episodes of Futurama helped me get this… It was an ad parody of Sarah Lee, where they say “Nobody doesn’t like molten (blank). ” I may not watch enough reality TV to be any help in that trivia category, but occasionally…occasionally – the TV I DO like to watch will help out on trivia nights!

And we were just edged out of prize money this game (curse you mystery round)!

Game winners: Peas on a Stick, 81; You Know Nothing, 82.

Game Two

1. Parodies – The Johnny English film series starring Rowan Atkinson as the title M17 agency is primarily a parody of what long-running film series? Not super confident since none of us have seen these movies, but got this for 5.

2. Inventions – What medical device was invented by Rene Laennec in 1816 – because he felt uncomfortable putting his ear on women’s chests? Mike and Brad started cursing this guy for inventing the thing, and in an attempt to shut them TFU, I said, “Are you guys going to stop talking like rapey frat boys – or  should I start talking about (fill in name of “super girly” topic I’m not going to mention here that will gross out every male person who hears about it)? Shut them up for a bit…but then they started up again (sigh…boys)! I really DO need a “girls night” soon (Thursday)!  10

3. Cocktails – What cocktail made from Scotch whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters shares its name with a Scottish folk hero? 9


Before Liam Neeson began playing the “dad” roles where he has to hunt down and kill people who fuck around with his kids…he played guys like this one. How many Taken movies and clones have been made so far? Groan…give it a REST! We get it – your kids can’t “adult!”

4. Jeopardy! – What alliterative two-word term is given to a recurring Jeopardy! category about alcoholic beverages? 8

5. Conversions – To the nearest mile per hour, a car traveling at 100 kilometers per hour is going how many miles per hour? 6

6. Comics – In comics and most other media, what is the familial relationship between Superman and Supergirl? For a bonus point, what is Supergirl’s “real” name? No teams got the bonus point, we jokingly talked about putting down “Gal-El.”

7. NHL Geography – The U.S. state that is home to the NHL team Predators borders two states that are also home to NHL teams – name one of those two states, 4.

8. Number One Hits – Audio clip of song – in German – which hit #1 in 1959 when performed in English. We had to name either the song – or the artist who hit #1 with the song. Brad spotted the song right away, then Mike remembered a fast-food chain parodying this song in 1980s advertisements. Both references were completely off my pop culture radar for reasons I can’t quite explain – but I strangely remembered the name of the lyricist for the song (and the opera from which the song appeared) because of the musical theater class I took in college. And he’s not even the best known person from the duo responsible for writing that song! That’s my strange brain for ya! I also remembered that Sting appeared in this opera on Broadway in the 1980s. Would I be able to spot the tune if it were played to me? Why? I couldn’t tell you! Doesn’t really matter, because we got this correct for 3. I will listen to this song today, though!


Sting in the Threepenny Opera (aka the “Beggar’s Opera”).

9. Children’s Books – What book series, published from 1979 to 1998 authored by Edward Packard was written from the second person point of view with the reader making decisions determining the plot? 2

10. Plays – What is the six-letter term for a group of players who comment with a collective voice on the dramatic action of a play? And my brain didn’t fail to come up with a random musical theater tidbit here for 1…

Visual Mystery –


Missed 2, 3 and 4.

Scores – 53, 55, 59 (‘Pods) and 62, Peas on a Stick.

Final Category – Movie Co-Stars

Wagered 10 on this…

Name two of the four films in which actors Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson are both credited.We were also given the release years of 1986, 1992, 1995 and 1999 (unsure if the release years were given to all teams playing on Monday). Release years didn’t really play a role in helping us get this, but we got it (thank you brain for remembering that movie with “that” word in the title.

Game winners: ‘Pods, 69; Peas, 82.

Until next time, which will be Thursday for the Buffy theme night possibly followed up by a “regular” trivia night. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Mack the Knife!



2 thoughts on “Trivia Recap – May 14, 2019 – Sticks (Monday, ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS)

  1. Game one

    1. flatline

    2. blini

    3. salmon

    4. shel silverstein

    5. the office

    6. back to the future

    7. 22 feet

    8. iron maiden

    9. schweppes

    10. Eris, Europa

    mystery – Anthony Edwards, Ozzy Osbourne, Uzo Adoba and Erika Eleniak

    Final question answer: boron

    Game 2:

    1. james bond

    2. stethoscope

    3. rob roy

    4. potent potables

    5. 62 miles per hour

    6. cousin, kara el

    7. MO, NC

    8. Mack the Knife, Bobby Darin

    9. choose your own adventure

    10. chorus

    visual answers: b, d, c, a

    final question answers: Wildcats, white men can’t jump, money train, play it to the bone

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