Never A Dull Moment When I Meet People’s Kids!

My  husband  and  and  I were  passing  through  “Depot Town,”  which  to  locals  means  “historic  part  of  town  but  not  downtown.” And we heard  a familiar  voice  saying “Here comes  trouble!” A guy  I’ve  known  for several  years  was  waiting  outside  to  get  into  a restaurant  called Sidetrack. I got  to  meet  his son, whom  is nearly  2, for  the  first  time. I took my stuffed  cephalopod  toy  off the ‘biner attached  to  my purse  and dangled  it  at  him. He just kind of…stared  at  it. I also  told his  5  year  old  daughter  that her  long  blonde  hair  was  “gorgeous” (it  really  is).

I always  feel  compelled  to  whip  out  toys  when  I’m  around  kids! Some  kind  of  lame  attempt  to  be a “rodeo  clown?” I honestly  don’t  know!

I really  don’t  hate  children, I just  never  wanted  any  of  my  own. I’d probably  be  one  of  those  parents  who  would  leave  the baby in  the  carrier  on  top  of the car, get  distracted  by  a…cute squirrel, dachshund  or something  – and  drive off. I’m  not  even  responsible  enough  to carry  a cell phone (which  is  why  I won’t  get  a smart  phone).

Know  your  limitations!

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