Ahhh! My Obligation-Free Saturday Begins…Now! Also? Cats!

It’s  Saturday  morning, I’m  watching  My Cat From Hell and I don’t  have  to  drive  to  a trivia  tournament  today! Once  my  spouse  wakes  up and comes  downstairs, I’m  sure  I’ll  have  to change the channel! But  that’s  OK! I can  probably  watch  old  episodes  whenever  I like, so no big…

Cats  are  fascinating  creatures. Compact, soft, seemingly boneless, dexterous as a ninja, obscenely cute and…deadly. Not  so  much  to  humans as much  as they are to local bird  populations  and rodents   (when  they  are given free rein to do what they do best  and are not  cooped  up  in  your house  all day).


Stampy the cat   (more about  him  in  a bit).

Did you  know  Disneyland  keeps  a herd  of feral  cats  around  to keep rodent populations  in check? There  are lots of web sites out there which  can  enlighten  you  with fascinating  facts  about  Disneyland  and Disney World! Want  to  be a Disney  princess? Well, you can’t  be too tall! 🙂 Maybe  Disney will do a movie about an Amazon  princess! Wait…DC. already  did that!

Let’s  rewind  a bit  here…couldn’t  we  all  learn  a lesson  from  our cats? Don’t  we all need  a chance  to  get  out and do whatever  it  is we do best? You may think kitty is content sleeping 22 hours a day, but watch how excited they get when they see a bird or squirrel outside! They scrunch down low, their tails twitch and they make those chattery noises. Give  your  indoor  kitty some outside  time (even  if on a leash so they don’t  run off) and I assure  you they will be more over stimulated  than  a kid at a waterpark. I used  to  take  my parents’ cat Stampy outside  to do this  and  he LOVED  it!

Maybe  it  really is all about  the thrill of “the hunt!”



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