Cute Story About Witches…But It’s Just A Story…

Someone shared a link to a story about a group of women – dressed as witches – on paddleboards.


Fairuza Balk in The Craft, which is about witches.

Cute, but… REAL witches would never do such a thing. Truth be told, REAL witches will avoid crossing water – or at least have an unease when doing so.

Now just to be crystal clear – as crystal clear as the water these “fake” witches are paddleboarding on – I am NOT a witch! I have, however, been accused of witchcraft more than once in my life. My husband insists that I’m a witch. He’s entitled to his opinion! But consider these facts about me that *might* support his “fan theory”:

  • I won’t cross the Mackinac Bridge unless someone else is driving. I’m always a bit nervous when I’m in a car over a long length of water. This goes back to childhood. I remember being nervous when traversing the Florida Keys.
  • I’m not good in boats. I’m not someone whom will easily get into a kayak, other small watercraft or aboard a boat unless there is a really, really good reason to do so. Also, I tend to get seasick.
  • I’ve worn witness to really, really bad things happening to people who’ve crossed me in my life that I’ve had NO control over happening. Sure, these things COULD be chalked up to coincidence, but my husband insists it’s proof that I’m a “natural witch.” I wouldn’t know what to do with an eye of newt if someone gave one to me. I don’t own a cauldron. I have no idea how to cast any spells. I don’t own a tall pointy hat. Just stating some facts…


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