What’s The Future With MTL?

I don’t see any major changes in the forseeable future involving my trivia team’s involvement with the My Trivia Live league. We might still play local spots occasionally, but I’m making no plans for us to go “all in” for tournament qualification purposes. Unless a new spot opens close to home that at least three of my players agree that they like…

This certainly doesn’t mean I’m cutting ties with MTL. I’m making some connections with players/hosts in this league, and have little doubt that when semifinals/finals roll around next season, I’ll probably be needed SOMEWHERE! Hell, if I showed up at a semifinals/finals, I’d probably be able to find a team to play with on the spot. Chances are even better that somebody will try snatching me up before I get a chance to drive out there “just to hear the questions.”

I can’t ignore the fact that me and my team are strong in this league. Out of seven visits to MTL finals championships, we’ve managed to finish in the top 10 four times and won the “top” prize once.

On the horizon, I plan to do a “trivia field trip” sometime to a bar called B.J.s in Burton, MI. It’s a place tied a lot of childhood memories – Aunt Anita worked there in the 1970s, my grandparents lived nearby, my mom grew up in Burton. I’ve already talked to a high school classmate about doing a trivia night there sometime, possibly this summer (she said I could stay overnight in the guest room). She also said that she and her husband love going to “dive bars.”


Come for the BJs, stay for the dancing sandwiches! What’s not to like?

The “house” team from B.J.s certainly brought a lot of “energy” to the finals! They all wore T- shirts from the bar (I actually think that’s a great idea for trivia teams), and they were a “boisterous” bunch! My husband sat next to their “fifth guy” (teams can only have four max players at MTL tournaments), and he got…chatty with my husband. They “conferenced” together on questions, and he asked my husband if he wanted to “burn one out back.” He also got…hammered. And so did the rest of his team! We sat in the same room with them, and it was just so palpable that they were happy to be there. This trivia game wasn’t a “job” for them – it was a “field trip.” They acted like a bunch of overstimulated kids! I can hardly wait to pay a visit to their bar and kick their asses in a trivia game (LOL)!

It was certainly a “different” experience playing with the “Squirrels” team this time around! They definitely…needed me! While the three players I joined all have their strong knowledge areas, they would not have advanced out of semifinals without a “blood transfusion!” Their strongest player was unable to play with them in tournaments because she works for the trivia league, so she asked if I’d sit in with them –  and I didn’t hesitate to say “of course!” I can honestly say I’ve never felt more “appreciated” while playing trivia (all snide comments from  players outside my team aside). They truly made me feel like a superhero for knowing the final question about best picture winners with colors in their titles!

Yes, I’m competitive – but at the heart of it all, I’m truly in it for the love of the game.

A true “trivia junkie” will go where the trivia is – or at least give it the old “college try” for a few seasons! If you host it, they will come. A dive bar regular will go to the craft breweries and coffee shops for their trivia fixes even if it isn’t their “thing”and they secretly want to beat up all of the “hipsters” in the room! Likewise, the craft beer fiends will go to the dive bars – and Moose Lodges – for their trivia fixes. They may even play every week at a bar without a door on the men’s bathroom stall and peeling formica on the table tops if a tournament spot is on the line.

Trivia truly bridges gaps – if you host it, they will come…

As a side note? I’m curious about this claim that MTL is offering “up to $4,000” in prizes in its “summer league.” Are they adding another “cash finish” spot? Upping the prizes for the top three? Questions abound!

3 thoughts on “What’s The Future With MTL?

    1. My grandparents used to live on Crabtree Lane and Belsay Road. Aunt and Uncle lived on Cherylann, another great/aunt uncle lived in Burton, too. Lots of family ties in this ‘burb! I have not set foot in this bar since I was a kid.

      1. My In-Laws live off off Vassar Rd. Small world! Lived in Davison when I first moved up from the Warren area and no live up near Frankenmuth, I knew you had Michigan ties, but when I saw the BJ’s picture, I had no idea how close you were.

        Keep Smiling!!

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