Congrats to the Top Three My Trivia Live teams From Saturday’s Finals (April 27, 2019)!

I finally got around to posting congratulatory messages to each of the teams winning cash prizes in Saturday’s My Trivia Live finals on my trivia team’s Facebook page. Rather than share the photos of teams holding the oversized fake checks, I chose candid photos of each team from the tournament and wrote something nice about each of the teams – doing a separate post for each of the cash prize winning teams.

Aren’t all of us trivia players tired of seeing the phony grins and the same old poses with the oversized novelty checks? I made sure to pick flattering candid photos of all of the winning teams. The photos, however, may not show every single player in the picture. Have you ever heard of the phrase “editorial decision?” Let’s just say I made an “editorial decision” when I chose what pictures to use! If you’re a Facebook member, all of the posts on my trivia team’s fan page can be viewed publicly. I’m not sharing the photos here, because…editorial decision! A show of respect. Hey…I respect SOME of the players who won money on Saturday!

King Cobra (Third Place, $500)

If we had to narrowly lose out for third place Saturday at the My Trivia Live finals championship, we can tell ourselves we lost to one of the best! Always a “team to beat” at the competitive Maplewood Lanes. Congrats to King Cobra for winning third/$500 in the tournament!

Big Changas (sp?), (Second Place, $750)

Players on the team that won second place/$750 in the My Trivia Live finals Saturday…Big Changas? Don’t know much about this team, other than that if you decide to play a trivia game in the same room with Rick, you’re going to have your work cut out for you! Congrats to your team!

One is The Loneliest Number (First Place, $2,500)

Note: They currently play under a different team name, but are better known in the area under this older name. One of the players still plays under this league name in the Sporcle Live league.

If you play pub trivia in the metro Detroit/Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area of Michigan, chances are you’ve done trivia battle against people sitting at this table at one time or another! My team has certainly waged plenty of trivia battles against these folks and still does (hey sometimes we get lucky)! Congrats to them for winning first in the My Trivia Live finals Saturday!

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