Meet My Trivia Team’s New “Scribe”

My  trivia  team  now  has  a new  “scribe!” My  husband  Mike  will  be  taking  game  notes at trivia games from now on! Rest  assured  I will  still  be  writing  the  game  recaps. I don’t  know  if  you  all  think  that’s  a  good  thing  or  not…(though  some  of  his  commentary  might  make  a cameo)! He wound  up  getting  chummy  with  a fifth  player  at  the bar from  the  Burton, MI bar  B.J.’s (home of  the  “dancing  sandwiches.” ) My Aunt Anita used  to  work  in  this  bar  in  the  ’70s! I want  to  do  a  trivia  game  at  this  bar!

The fifth man at the bar invited my husband out back to “burn  one” with him (he declined). Mike said fifth man knew a few answers his team didn’t know!

There  is  no  “i” in team, though  there  is  one  in  “kiss my  ass!”

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