Don’t Piss Off The Press – Or Someone Who Can Spread The Word In Social Media

A player  on  a trivia  team  who  won  first  today caused  me  to  decide  to  shun  that   team like the Amish. I will not  be  mentioning  that  team’s  name  in  any  Facebook  posts I make about  today’s  trivia  finals. Finishing  in first  and  running  us  down  for not winning $  was un-classy. My team was so happy  to  be playing  in  their first finals and beyond  ecstatic  when we were one  of  only a handful  of  teams  in  the  entire  room  to  get  the final  q right. I can  handle playing  a competitive  game  and a little “trash  talking” from  the  competition  is  par for the  course. This crossed  the line. Poorly played…glad  the other  people I played  with  didn’t  hear  what  this woman  said and I think  I reacted  well.

Fuck you….

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