Twenty (20) Turtles Spotted Today (April 21, 2019)!

My husband and I took a walk in Ypsilanti, MI’s North Bay Park today (about an hour) and did a “turtle census,” and counted 20 turtles! By the way, this is probably an EXCELLENT activity to do with children when you’re out for a walk by a lake or a pond on a warm day (it will keep them occupied and hone their essential counting skills). We did not get a photo of every single turtle we saw, but here are some pics:





We wanted to get both the mama swan and the turtle in the same shot, though the turtle is barely visible. Can you count the swan eggs? In case you were getting too overstimulated with wildlife photos, here’s something less exciting –  a photo of a (yawn) human…


Look how green the trees/grass are getting!

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