Last ‘Pods Gathering at OG Tonight?

One  of our  players  is moving too far  away  to play  trivia  games  in  Milan. Another  hates  playing  at  OG. Yet  another  is harder  to nail down than Jell-O to a wall (hectic  personal  life). What  does  the  future  hold for our  team  at this bar?

As your  mom  might  have  said  to you while you were  growing  up  and  asked  a certain  question?

“We’ll  see.”

Barring  random  nights  where  I make a solo flight  or manage to borrow Dave  for a couple  of hours? Our  days of playing  here are likely  numbered. I told Mike  I wouldn’t  be “dragging” him  out  to games  here anymore. It’s just not worth the arguments. He said  he’ll  play  tonight as a “send off” to Evan, but  after tonight, our  visits  to  OG will become  more scarce. Couples  don’t  always  agree on everything! We certainly  do  a  lot  more things  together  than many married couples. He’s  been  nothing  if  not  a trouper with my  trivia  “itis!”

Evan  said  he’ll  still be able to play  with  us Thursdays  at Sticks when he gets  settled into  his  new  place. Thursdays  are  usually  a  good  night  for  him  to  get  out.

I’ll  still try  to come  out to OG as much as I can! Sometimes  I get  to have  the car, lol! And  sometimes  I’m  not  in  the mood  to hang out  with Mike and Brad  –  and need what I jokingly  call some “private  pixie  time.”

Let’s  see how  our  “last  stand” at OG  goes  tonight with   (hopefully) four  of  us! I never  expect TOO  much!


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