Trivia On For OG Thursday (April 18, 2019)

Looks like I will have at least three for trivia Thursday  at Original  Gravity.  Evan  is  not  quite  moved  out  of his Ann Arbor  pad yet, and said  he  wants  to  play! Unsure how  many more OG  games  he’ll  be  able  to  play  once  he  moves  to  Farmington  Hills.

If Dave  actually  shows, he’ll round  out  our  quartet. He  sometimes  bails  last second   (his  life is a bit hectic).

We’ve  played  at  OG more  than  any  other  trivia  spot  so  far  this year (Thursday  will  be our  sixth visit). Sticks  is in second with five  visits.

Last  time we played  OG  they  were  out  of my favorite beer (Spincast). The amber is *ok,* but  not  as good as Spincast.

Am I turning  into my friend Scott when it comes to beer? Nah, I’m  not  THAT picky yet!

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