Husbands Say The Darndest Things!

Facebook informed me that three years ago today my husband was talking about me…in a comment thread. The conversation topic was spirit animals, and he said that my spirit animal was a bear. Here’s what he said:

She is the human embodiment of the bear’s nature. A strong undercurrent of relentless power combined with calmness and caring.


You know what I’ve always admired most about bears? They are f—ing cute – AND fierce as hell! I’ve always been fascinated with deadly/cute animals (such as the blue-ringed octopus). As if being cute – and deadly – isn’t enough, bears are also pretty damn smart! And have a sense of smell stronger than a bloodhound’s.


I reminded him of what he said about me three years ago – just now. But I also had to add this:

Also, don’t go into her den and wake her up unless you want to die.

Rewind about 15 years ago when a fellow camper at a music festival did JUST THAT. Opened up my tent, poked her head inside, and said, “Heather – wake up! Come on out and party with us!”

I was dead asleep at the time this happened, and apparently (though I don’t really remember, maybe because I was deep in the throes of hibernation, LOL)…I “growled” a bit in reaction! I guess I gave her an earful. She was a neighbor of ours and a friend, and honestly – I meant no ill will! But I guess I don’t take kindly to being roused from my “slumber.”

It’s something that’s still joked about to this day. And I STILL don’t like being woken up! About a year ago or so, I told my alarm clock to “eat a dick” when it did…its job and woke me up!

I guess maybe I really am a bear at heart!



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