Sad News…

I learned  today  that  a  trivia  player  named  Mark McCoy  died  last  night. He played  on  a Sporcle Live trivia  team at Oscar’s  called Let’s  Get  It  and  also  played in  the  My  Trivia  Live  league  with  a  bar hop  team  and  as  a league  team  at  the ROC  in  Plymouth, MI. He  was a  regular follower  of  my  trivia  team’s  Facebook  page  and  told  me  in  person  several  months ago  that  he  enjoyed  reading  my  trivia  game recaps. He also told  me  last  December  about  how excited  he  was  that Let’s  Get  It  qualified  for its  first  ever Sporcle Live league  championship , adding:

I’m  glad  we  didn’t  have  to  compete  against  your  team!

The  last  time  I saw him  was a few  weeks  ago  at a trivia  game  at Powell’s, where  he  was playing  with  a bar hop  team called All Aboard. A teammate  of his  named  Mike  had informed  me a while back about his cancer diagnosis, saying that  he  probably  only  had  a short  time  left. And he wanted  to  play  as  many  trivia  games  as  he could in his last days.

RIP, Mark! May  you  know  every  answer  at the “Great  Trivia  Tournament  In  The  Sky.”

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