Trivia Recap – April 16, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

Answers in the comments.

Three of us paid a visit to Sticks for its debut trivia night Monday. Sticks has been offering Sporcle Live trivia since long before we started playing there in June of 2012, but this was the first time we’d ever played there on a night besides Thursday! We won a $10 gift card thanks to a conservative wager on a movies final question, but with only 85 points. We haven’t had too much luck with final questions in the past few games! But winning a prize for the first time in a couple of weeks was…well, it’s beer money, right? And when we can get tall glasses of Labatt for $3.50 ($2.50 after 9), we’d call that a bargain!

About six teams were in contention on this debut night, hosted by A.J., whom also hosts at a few other spots in the area. His music selections were…pretty good! Nice mix of newer stuff, and some older favorites, too.

Here are the questions that Mike, Brad and I attempted to answer (some of them successfully)!

Game One

1. Not Quite #1 – In the 1990s, what R&B group had hits with the songs It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday and Water Runs Dry – both of which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100? Not confident, but got for 3.

2. Salad – What type of cheese is traditionally used in Greek salad? Some of the staff members at Aubree’s wear T-shirts with this cheese’s name on it, though I don’t think any of the teams needed this “lifeline!” Got for 10.

3. Game Shows – What actress has won two Primetime Emmy Awards for Hollywood Game Night? Miss for 1.

4. Running Backs – What running back is the leading rusher in Tennessee Titans history with just over 10,000 yards in his eight seasons with the franchise from 1996 to 2003? Brad was trying to decide between two guys, including the correct one – went with the wrong one (nice try though), miss for 2.

5. World History – What two countries were ruled by Philips II-IV as part of the Iberian Union from 1580 to 1660? 9

6. SCIENCE! – The Avogadro Constant is a number closely related to which of the seven base units in the International System of Units? I love it when I don’t even understand a question but my teammates do – and get it right for 6!

7. Comedy – Terry Gilliam is notable for being the only American-born member of what comedy group? 8

Gilliam 1.png

Terry Gilliam was better known for his animation work with this comedy troupe, though he did appear in a few episodes. He went on to direct movies such as Time Bandits, The Fisher King, 12 Monkeys and Brazil (among many other movies).

8. Consoles – Name one of the two most recent Nintendo game consoles, both for a nerd bonus point. This question is very abbreviated, but we missed for 4.

9. Populations – According to the United Nations, the human population is expected to reach how many billion for the first time in 2024 (the answer is a whole number)? 7

10. Literary Characters – What do Scarecrow, the Tim Man and the Cowardly Lion – respectively – all desire in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz? Softball to end the regular round, 5.

Mystery – Before and After

M1 – Sitcom featuring characters named Ted, Robin, Lily, Marshall and Barney and main circuit center of a computer

M2 – 2017 film starring Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Michelle Rodriguez and the same franchise released two years earlier

M3 – Opening song in The Lion King and TV network home to Dance Moms

M4 – City home to a MLB team nicknamed “The Fish” and actress who played recurring roles on The X Files, Two and a Half Men and Bosch.

All teams missed #3, ours was the only one getting #4 right (Brad and I teamed up well on that one).

Scores – Five teams:

Angry Bush, 42; Titanic Swim Team, 46; Pods/Parlour 57; Space Ghost, 60.

Final Category – U.S. Cities

What city on the Atlantic coast is the most-populous in its state, and, in 2018, was named Condé Nast Traveler’s top U.S. tourist destination for the eighth consecutive year?


We thought our guess of Virginia Beach was very good! You can barely snag a parking spot in this town during peak season, and if you do you have to feed a meter, it’s the most populous city in Virginia, and would you LOOK at all of those hotels on the beach?

None of our players in attendance are subscribers or readers of Condé Nast Traveler, but we still put in what we felt was a very, very good guess.  But it was not correct…

Game winners: Space Ghost, 42; Parlour, 77.

Warmup game? Let’s get on with game two, shall we?

Game Two

1. Duos – What are the last names of the musical theater team whose first names were Richard and Oscar? 10

2. More Duos – What 1981 single has appeared on greatest hits compilations for both Queen and David Bowie? For a nerd bonus point, which artists covered this song for 2005 charity singles for the Indian Ocean Tsunami relief? Ah, the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami – which occurred while I was still a working journo during what was supposed to be a “slow news week” (between Christmas and New Year’s). My job was to find a “local angle” for the story, and while having lunch in the Plymouth, MI Panera (which I could walk to from the office), I overheard someone talking about their daughter and her boyfriend being stranded in Thailand – and was able to get a satellite phone interview with them (love it when I succeed because of dumb luck, LOL)! Also, fun fact – did you know Yusuf Islam (previously known as Cat Stevens) recorded a charity single for Indian Ocean relief which was called Indian Ocean? The keyboard player from A-Ha took part in this recording. Hey…you never know when this could be a trivia question answer (you’re welcome)! We got this for 9, no bonus.

3. The Brain – The hippocampus in the brain is named for its resemblance to what aquatic animal, for which there are 45 known species? FB clue, 8.

4. Wildlife – Home to a wide variety of animal species, the Delta Wildlife Refuge is located on which U.S. river? 5

5. Short-lived TV – Audio clue of Fox TV series involving women playing baseball which we never heard or or watched, but put in educated guess of “Title 9.” Miss for 1.

6. Fruit – What fruit – related to peaches, nectarines and plums – is the national fruit of Armenia, and turns orange when exposed to sulfur dioxide? Brad all over this for max points.

7. Racing – From 1979 to 1994, the annual Dakar Rally was an endurance off-road race which began in which European capital city? Miss for 2.

8. State Songs – What official state song of Connecticut features lyrics including pony, feather and pudding? 6

9. Packaging – What company, founded in 1927, has used a sketch of 5-month-old Ann Turner Cook on its packaging for most of its history? 4

10. Hats – The U.S. Army Special Forces, the U.N. Peacekeepers and a well-known image of Che Guevara are all associated with what type of hat?

Visual Mystery


Got them all.

Scores: Team #4, 32; Parlour, 34; Beer, 36; ???, 35; Space Ghost, 51 and ‘Pods, 61.

Final Category – Recent Academy Awards

Within the last five years, who became the first person to win the Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Cinematography for the same film? This person took over the cinematography role when his frequent collaborator, Emmanuel Lubezki was unavailable.

I really, really tried on this one…I knew WHO the guy was, and what 2018 movie he won the awards for, just couldn’t quite come up with his name. It would have been a thing where had someone said his name I would’ve said “Yes, that’s it.” Sadly, a player who might’ve been able to help with this one was unable to come out for this trivia night (these things happen)!

Still, we only wagered 12 points and got a $10 second place prize, so a Golden Globe Award? Last place team managed to get this (go them, I love it when things like this happen)!

Our next trivia outing will “tentatively” be Thursday at Original Gravity, depending upon whom we can summon for this game. Otherwise, we might stick closer to home (game plans with our team can change as quickly as a cephalopod releases ink)! On the horizon, we plan to hit up the free Simpsons theme night trivia at Haymaker 7 p.m. Thursday, May 2! Anyone out there want to join our pirate “crew?” Send a PM…only serious applicants should apply! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Che Guevara (you totally rocked that beret)!



One thought on “Trivia Recap – April 16, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

  1. game one
    1. boyz 2 men
    2. feta
    3. Jane Lynch
    4. ??? George
    5. Portugal/spain
    6. mole
    7. monty python
    8. Wii U was one (forgot what the other one was)
    9. 8 billion
    10. brain, heart, courage
    Mystery – How I Met Your Motherboard, Fate of the FUrious 7, Circle of Lifetime, MiamimiRogers

    Final: charleston, SC

    game two
    1. Rodgers and Hammerstein
    2. Under Pressure, My Chemmical Romance, The Used
    3. sea horse
    4. Mississippi
    5. Pitch
    6. Apricot
    7. Paris
    8. Yankee Doodle
    9. Gerber
    10. beret

    Visual mystery: Money, IRS, bills, bills, bills and benjamins (unsure if I have these in the right order).

    Final: Alfonso Cuaron

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