Trivia Recap – April 10, 2019 – McShane’s Pub

A couple of us decided to join the “motley crew” of trivia regulars Tuesday at McShane’s Pub in Ypsilanti. It was the first night of the new My Trivia Live season, and as it were, no teams made a very big splash (all teams failed the final question about Peanuts characters in TV ads). Those angst-ridden, philosophical (and some of them crabby) Peanuts characters have whored themselves out for more than one different company in advertisements over the years! Maybe Lucy would be a good pitchwoman for pretty much any company by telling people: “Don’t be a blockhead – buy our stuff!”

Linus would be a great pitchman for blankets (of course), and if he wants a workout, can drag around one of those newfangled “weighted blankets” (some of them weigh 25 pounds)!  Schroeder would be a good shill for pianos/keyboards. What better person than Charlie Brown to tell us which antidepressants work most effectively? He wouldn’t know which footballs are the best since Lucy never lets him kick one! Marcie could sell us eyeglasses, and Peppermint Patty could sell us sandals. Pig Pen would be a “before” model in a Dial soap ad.  What would Snoopy be able to sell us? Anything. Because Snoopy is THAT awesome! Sell me something, Snoopy – and I’ll buy it! Except MetLife insurance (I don’t need any insurance, thank you)!


My favorites were the fruit pies and the raspberry “Zingers.” I’ll pass on the carrot cake!

Anyone old enough to remember those Dolly Madison ads that aired during Peanuts specials – or their delicious wares? Mmmm, those Dolly Madison pies were yummy heated up in the microwave for about a minute or so (queue up image of Homer Simpson drooling). And those raspberry “Zingers” (so good)! Sheesh, my last trivia recap delved into “space porn” territory, now this one is making a lame attempt at “food porn!” Do you all need a minute alone to fantasize about Dolly Madison cakes? Or the REAL Dolley Madison (yes her name was spelled differently in real life than it was on the cake/pie wrappers)? Who would win in a battle royale between Dolly Madison and Little Debbie? Who wants to participate in helping to decide the winner of that battle (show of hands)?

No prizes for us on this trivia night, though our bar tab was completely covered by our previous prize win (silver linings)? All prize winners were those wise folks who wagered zero points on the final question. Charles Schulz laughed at all of us who wagered points on it from beyond his grave (bwa ha ha ha)! It’s kind of hard picturing him being sinister, but I believe EVERYONE has a dark side! Let’s hope his dark side didn’t manifest itself via his lifelong crush on that “little red-haired girl!” In reality, this “little red-haired” girl was named Donna Johnson, but in the Peanuts universe, this girl was named Heather Wold.


The real “little red-haired girl,” Donna Johnson, whom Schulz unsuccessfully pursued romantically. They remained friends their whole lives.

If everyone is done fantasizing about eating Dolly Madison cakes/pies, how about reading on to see what our questions were?

Round One

1. Birds – What bird appears on the official seal of the United States? 5

2. SCIENCE! What does the letter “E” stand for in E equals MC2? I was actually wearing a T-shirt that had “E=MC2” printed on it and another player joked I used the shirt to “cheat” on this answer (though truth be told, the shirt did not reveal what the letter “E” actually stood for)!

3. Cocktails – What fruit juice is used in making a Harvey Wallbanger? 1 Now I’m thinking of funny scene from Mystery Men:


Better if you hear Geoffrey Rush actually uttering this quote!

Easy first round. I never complain about questions in a MTL game being too easy, because like Michigan weather…they WILL change!

Round Two

1. Seasons – What season is ushered in with the Vernal Equinox? 5

2. U.S. Presidents- What was Bill Clinton’s middle name? Pssst…it’s NOT Danger! 3

3. Hit Singles – Which Welsh singer scored a hit in the U.S. with It’s not Unusual? I read recently that this guy was quite the man whore, and claimed to have slept with up to 250 groupies in a calendar year. His wife, after reading about his philandering in a newspaper, wound up beating up on him anger, and he didn’t fight back, saying “I took it.” OK, let me digress a bit here…this man has been knighted  for his musical talents, yet Michael Jackson is being virtually blacklisted (no pun intended) from beyond his grave because of the atrocious things he did involving young boys? Dig deep enough into the lives of any rock/movie stars and you’re going to uncover things you’re not going to want to know about. For further study, look into Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and some horrible things he did with a young girl.


Mr. Burns (using his assistant Smithers) kidnaps this singer as a means of trying to woo Marge Simpson.

Round Three

1. Artists – What artist’s 1871 painting depicts his mother? 5

2. Holidays – What is the name of the meal that precedes Passover in the Jewish faith? 3

3. Reality Shows – What singer won the first season of American Idol? No shame on us for missing this, though we did put down the name of a singer who won another season of this show. Miss for 1.

Halftime – Give the names of the states in which the following celebrities turned politicians served as politicians.

H1 – Jesse Ventura, governor, 1999-2003

H2 – 1986-1988, Clint Eastwood, mayor

H3 – 1987-1995, Fred Grandy, House of Representatives

H4 – 2009-2013, Dave Bing

Missed #3 and #4. Shame on us for missing #4. D’oh! His name sounded SO familiar, clearly Mike and I were just kind of having an off night (plus enjoying our Shorts Soft Parade beers a bit too much perhaps)? I have a feeling we weren’t the only players saying “Who’s Fred Grandy” after hearing these questions.

Halftime scores:

Tired, 13; Joe, 26; M (Pods)/Al’s Here, 29; Oh Shoot, 31; Team Effort, Waffle Cone and Two’s Company, 36 (all names are abbreviated except M, which was us). We were trying this whole “brevity” thing with a trivia team name as a response to the overly long names that have been used at McShane’s lately!

Round Four

1. Hall of Fame Pitchers – What Hall of Fame pitcher’s manager once said, “We will put a man on the moon before he hits a home run,” and five years later, on the day Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon, he hit the only home run of his career? Newsletter bonus, 6

2. Fashion – What typically female first name is associated with Hermes handbags? No teams got this correct, miss for 2.

3. Vegetables – Arctic King and Tom Thumb are varieties of which vegetable? Miss for 4.

Round Five

1. Big Bang Theory – Penny from Big Bang Theory was born and raised in which U.S. state? Had right region of U.S. in our guess, but not close enough. Two other players on our team who have actually watched this show were not in attendance (proof that trivia is definitely a “team” game).  Miss for 2.

2. Gods and Monsters – What actor plays James Whale in the 1998 movie Gods and Monsters? Mike was really whining when we had this question, and surprise, I knew the answer (I love it when I can actually be a help on MTL trivia nights, LOL)! Seriously…Sometimes Mike knows more answers than I do on the MTL nights! Except he brainfarted on the E=MC2 question and needed my help (proof again it’s a team game)!

3. NFL – With 100,000 names on its wait lists extending 30 years, which NFL team has the longest wait list for season tickets? Speaking of being useful on trivia nights…I GOT THIS RIGHT ON A GUESS FOR FOUR! As you can imagine, this was my “triviagasm” moment! Gee, I wonder how my brother managed to see a game here?

Round Six

1. Trophies – In what sport do the U.K. and U.S. vie for the Westchester and Newport Cups respectively? No teams got this correct – all teams incorrectly guessed sailing and tennis. Miss for 2

2. Games – What is the name of the game developer of online games including Farmville, Draw Something and Words with Friends? Put down name of creator of Farm Town, which is a game both Mike and I have played! Miss for 4.

3. Idioms – Finish the phrase “Greatest thing since (blank)?” Hint: starchy, common grocery item. Yes I’m a bit lazy…(you all know what this is). 6

Scores heading into the final: Scores 30 to 61, with Two’s Company in first. We (aka “M”) were in a miserable fifth with 51 points. Hey…sometimes you eat the trivia game, and sometimes the trivia game eats you! We were definitely “prey” and not “predators” on this trivia night! If this were a nature documentary, the shark would eat the octopus, or maybe we’d just get be a poor manatee and get clipped by a motorboat or something (so many ways to die at sea).

Final Category – Advertising

Before appearing to TV viewers, Peanuts characters appeared in advertisements for what company beginning in 1959?

Final standings: Tired, 30; Waffle (Pigeon), 48 and Oh Shoot, 53 (all teams wagered zero).

Until next time, which will be the trivia scene at Sticks on Thursday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Tom Jones!






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