Deep Thoughts With Heb – Re: House Cleaning

Fun real fact! Rabbits (lagamorphs) and many members of the rodent family almost never contract or transmit rabies.

Fun alternative fact? Dust bunnies CAN contract rabies! Shop vacs are their natural enemies.

Fun alternative fact: Women have been known to vacuum while topless (or wearing less) as a means of being seductive to men. Sorry folks, unless you’re into “French maid porn,” that is probably something women only do on TV shows and in movies. One movie I thought about was Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, where Veronica (in Ron’s fantasy) tells him she’s been “vacuuming in the nude.”


Christina Applegate as Veronica in Anchorman.

Fun real fact? Women who do vacuum while topless (or wearing less) are probably doing so prevent their clothes from getting sweaty. Not as sexy as Ron Burgundy’s fantasy, is it?

Another fun real fact? Nothing strikes terror into a gal’s heart more than having mom come over to her house! Also nothing motivates her daughter to clean quite like this “kick in the pants!”

Pictures or it didn’t happen?  But of COURSE! No, not pictures of THAT! Get your minds out of the gutter, people! Women only vacuum in the nude in movies and on TV. That seems like a Mad Men thing to me for some reason, with that hot redheaded woman…god what’s her name? No time to look up now, mom and dad are on their way.

And that’s a TRUE FACT! All of the above paragraph…

2019-04-10 13.30.51

The stuffed plush animals are grouped together – cephalopods, Lovecraftian beasts, and mammals. There may be a mammal attempting to hide in the mirror, too.

2019-04-10 13.31.52.jpg

I even dusted off the piano!

2019-04-10 13.32.13.jpg

With any luck, the kitchen will stay looking like this for about an hour or so! 🙂



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