Golly Jeepers – Can’t You…Hear Those “Peepers?”

We got to hear a lovely “frog symphony” on today’s hike! I don’t speak “Frog,” but I’m going to guess that what the “spring peepers” were all saying, – if translated into English, was:


I don’t think the frogs care what color the women are! But I’d still LOVE to hear Jean-Luc Picard say something like this (and any other “Shakespearean” actor, for that matter)!

Today’s hike location was Brighton State Recreation Area, even though it wasn’t our first choice. We HAD planned to take a hike at Kensington Metropark, but the parking lot to the nature center was overflowing onto the adjacent street. So we just decided to enjoy the pretty drive through the park – and just go to another park.

We did  a two-mile hiking trail, then walked along a hike/bike trail adjacent to Bishop Lake. Today marked the first day I could wear shorts on a walk!


Note my legs are NOT covered with pants (and pale AF)! I’ve had these Montrail hiking boots since 2006, they’re still in decent enough shape for trails, yet I’m not so sure they’re waterproof anymore. I wanted to have some ankle support today.

Here are some other scenes from today’s hike:







Who’s in the mood for muskrat love? 🙂 It was so nice to sit and just stare at the lake – at a people-less beach!

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