How Crappy Was The Weather In March? This “Almanac” Knows!

For some, paper calendars may have gone the way of slide rules or rotary dial phones. Fax machines? Picture frames that hold actual paper photos? Manual typewriters? Ah, choose whichever out-of-date thing works for you!

All of that said, we still have a paper wall calendar in our house, which features my niece Anabel in her various states of activities – skiing, cross country, track, ice skating and very occasionally, just “chilling out!”  And my husband writes on it daily! During the “growing season,” he will track the progress of his garden vegetables, and list how many he harvested that day, etc. He will also log the weather du jour. I’ve suggested he start his own blog site to track all of this stuff, but what can I say? He’s an old-fashioned guy in some ways! He likes to write things on paper. His father also keeps a weather journal (chip off the “old block”)?

So how has the weather during the month of March looked for us in Southeast Michigan? Behold…

2019-03-26 12.21.48

Will March redeem itself with some awesome weather before it’s all over? Go out like a lamb, as they say? Five more days to find out!

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