Ugh…March Just Hasn’t Been My Month…

I haven’t  been sick since late January/early February, 2018. And now, I’m  definitely  getting  a  cold. Good timing, I have the next two days off from work.

Thought  about  calling  off trivia  tonight, but  as of now, I’ll  still plan  to play.

This  month  can…suck it. I feel like  nothing  has  gone  right  for me all month.  Things HAVE  to get  better, don’t  they?

Not  trying  to  invite  everyone  to  a pity  party, I’m  just  feeling “blah.”

I hope  to catch  up  on some  blogging  Tuesday. Thanks as always for reading, rest  assured  I will NOT let all of the crap that’s  been  happening  to me defeat  me (shakes fist)! No sir (or madam)!

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