I’ve Said It Before And I’ll Say It Again…When Weather is Nice In Michigan, People…Lose Their Shit With Glee!

Temperatures were in the 40s in Southeast Michigan today, which meant people were out on bikes, out taking walks, out walking their canines and out…having emergency personnel called on them! In Ypsilanti’s “Depot Town” area, someone went out fishing, and wound up having too many drinks (or other substances), wound up passing out and curling up in a fetal position too close to the Huron River – and having emergency personnel called on them. No one was seriously injured – a “hipster guy” (reportedly) called emergency personnel, but wound up fleeing the scene when emergency personnel were called. I’m getting all of this second hand, I’m chalking it all up to this: “Weather got warm in Ypsilanti, some students lost their shit with excitement and couldn’t handle their (fill in the blank with substance of choice) and in other words, all’s well that ends well..” Much Ado About Nothing?

An ambulance was on the scene, as well as a fire truck and at least two pick-up trucks labeled “conservation officers” for the state of Michigan. I believe fishing was involved somehow, since a couple of the conservation officers had fishing poles.

Our pursuits today (for my husband and I) were pretty “pedestrian” by comparison – (literally) – we just took a walk in Hudson Mills Metropark near Dexter, MI. It was a 70 minute walk approximately three miles in length. We took several breaks during the walk (my ankle is still not 100 percent healed), so our pace today was… “casual.” It was still great to get out in the fresh air and sunshine! We haven’t had much sunshine in this grey, grey month of March. I felt a little celebratory when I saw a small patch of snow…


Let the record show…I am wearing a SHORT SLEEVED T-SHIRT on the twenty-third day of March, 2019! Here is my best attempt at an impression of “Bender” from the end of The Breakfast Club…Dammit, now I have Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds running through my head! Me one, winter zero!

Southeast Michigan has a pretty decent “Metroparks” system (Huron-Clinton Metroparks). Most of them have paved “hike/bike” paths in addition to hiking trails, and many of them also have golf courses. Some of them even have swimming pools/waterslides! Buying an annual pass pays for itself after just a handful of visits. We paid for our annual pass today.

The “metropark” we visited today is located on/near the Huron River, which runs between Oakland County, MI (near Pontiac), and eventually empties into Lake Erie. Here are some shots of today’s walk:




MORE kayakers!


My friend Kim loves posting photos of her feet on Facebook…this shot is dedicated to her!



We took the “scenic” ride home along the aptly named “Huron River Drive.”


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