Taking A Very Short Blog Break Today…(March 21, 2019)

Hey folks. I am feeling pretty uninspired today. It’s grey and bleak outside, and the temps are in the 40s. We had our first day of Spring Wednesday and…meh!

Please feel free to check out the oodles of other blogs I’ve written in the meantime! Here’s a blog that I don’t think has gotten too many views yet – I typed up the letters I sent – and received – while at summer camp in 1983 at Camp ‘O Fair Winds near Lapeer, MI (the camp has been closed for several years). In these letters, you will see actual “recaps” of old soap opera episodes that mom sent me while I was at camp! Way to gun for winning the “Mom of the Year” award, Mom! At the time, I was watching General Hospital, so you can check out plot lines involving “Blackie,” whom was played by future Full House star John Stamos.  Yeah…I had a “bit” of a crush on him as a “tween!” I used to buy issues of Tiger Beat and other “teen” magazines to keep up with the doings of the hotties “du jour” of the early 1980s!


The Outsiders was pure tween girl bait in 1983! So many cute boys in that movie…it’s pretty difficult to watch it now (it is pretty awful). I read quite a few books by S.E. Hinton around that time, one of which was The Outsiders (though Tex was my favorite).  Want to see a GOOD Francis Ford Coppola movie besides the Godfather films and Apocalypse Now? Look up The Conversation, which was a 1974 best picture nominee.  Not only will you, if you’re like me, drool over all of the solid state technology showcased in the film (so many…knobs and dials), but the tight plot will keep you guessing right up until the end! Oh yeah, and Shirley from Laverne and Shirley is in it too!

Maybe…just maybe –  reading about my summer camp memories will make you daydream about warmer weather – and with any luck, maybe we’ll have to reach for a pair of shorts sometime in the next couple of weeks! What would Ted Knight have to say about this lousy weather we’ve been having this month?


Indeed! And my patience is running thin…

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