Trivia Recap – March 12, 2019 – Powell’s Pub

It was our second consecutive “prizeless” game Monday at Powell’s Pub. We’re going to blame it on daylight savings time “jet lag!” We’ll also blame ourselves for paying too much attention to one final question qualifier – and not enough attention to the one we SHOULD have paid attention to! More about that in a bit…

It was a lower scoring game all around, with most teams virtually flunking the halftime round about most-watched TV series, and the top score heading into the final being just 61 points. Whomever was responsible for writing that question set can certainly say to themselves, “I’ve won this round” and then stroke their beard – or non-existent beard – with gusto – and then proceed to laugh maniacally while holding a long-haired white cat in their lap (monocle optional). Clearly I’ve seen way too many James Bond (or Austin Powers) movies! However, in my movie version of this scene, the maniacal laughter would be provided by Robert Blake, who played the “Mystery Man” in Lost Highway (hey it’s MY movie and this scene will play out the way I want to)! One wonders if Robert Blake laughed this maniacally when he (allegedly, he was not convicted of the crime) killed his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley – but that’s beside the point!


Bond villain Auric Goldfinger with his cute kitty

Congratulations to team Ungrateful Dan for taking first for the night! They have not played too many games this season, and at Powell’s, more competition is always better…

And now, the questions (all of which will be abridged)…

Round One

1. Cards – How many “suits” are in a standard deck of 52 playing cards? 5

2. Magazines – What magazine, founded in 1888, is noted for having a yellow-bordered cover? 3

3. Fictional Dogs – What large dog was created for children’s books written by Norman Bridwell? 1 And because we are just SO immature…we talked about how poor Emily Elizabeth having to use a backhoe to clean up after this dog…


What kid wouldn’t want to read THIS book? Especially little boys!

Round Two

1. Film Fantasy – In France, dueling with what type of glowing weapon is now a legal sport? 5

2. Names – Barbara Millicent Roberts is the real name of a doll known better by what name? 3. This reminded me of a Simpsons episode where Lisa gets upset about the sexist things her talking Malibu Stacy doll says, and calls the hotline. One of the options was, “If you have given Malibu Stacy a haircut and need a replacement head, press two.” Then I thought about that time I gave my “doll” a haircut (which actually turned out quite cute).



This doll is currently residing at my parents’ house…this is the only “photo” I have of the doll (check out the cute dress my mother made by hand…it has tiny little strawberries on it). That hairstyle was done by yours truly! Did I miss my calling as a hair stylist? Hmmmm! To view that silly video, click here…

3. On the Web – “At the zoo” was the first post on what super popular social media platform? For three bonus points, what was the original name of Google’s search engine in 1997? We had a good guess for that name, but did not want to risk losing a point for it, so we just got the 1 point for this.

Round Three

1. Sports Milestones – What American sports franchise is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019? We went with a sports franchise that was founded just a bit earlier than that, miss for 3.

2. Sleep – The numbers on a Sleep Number bed adjust for what variable? 5

3. Symphonies – A typical symphony orchestra has the largest number of people playing what instrument? 1.

Halftime – Give the name of the TV series that had the most seasons finishing in the number one spot, given the decade in which the series aired.

1. – 1970s

2. 1980s

3. 1990s

4. 2000s

Talked ourselves out of the right guess for #1 (specifically, I was talked out of the correct guess), only managed to get #4 correct. I thought the correct series for #2 debuted too late in the decade…

Halftime scores: Seven teams, scores 19, four teams tied in fourth with 26 (including us), and team All Aboard in first with 29.

Round Four

1. Automakers – What luxury car company started as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922? Newsletter bonus, 6.

2. Translation – Piso mojado translates to what in English? 4

3. Famous Families – A solo artist in her own right, Solange is the name of the sister of what famous solo artist? “Yay I read a People magazine once” was my response to having come up with this correct answer…. 2.

Round Five

1. Food – What French food spread is typically made of finely chopped anchovies, garlic, olives, parsley, capers with lemon juice and black pepper added? Seriously, I just used the ingredients from a recipe I found using a Google (or should I say “Backrub” search if you’re old school…wink-wink)!  This recipe can also be easily made vegetarian, with the anchovies omitted and olives serving as the star performer (it’s quite yummy with hummus and pita wedges). Got this for 6 (and damn, now I’m craving the “vegetarian” version of this)…


Scene from the movie in the next question…

2. 2000s Films – Fill in the blank of the title of the 2007 film starring Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck – The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward (blank)? Lost a coin toss between the two correct names, miss for 4.

3. White House – What U.S. President was the first to use the basement as a “Situation Room?” Nope for 2…

Round Six

1. Restaurants – What is the name for the fee a restaurant charges if they serve wine you bring in to drink? Inquiring minds want to know if anyone has ever attempted to do this in a restaurant with “boxed” wine….6.

2. Hygiene – What song, repeated twice, is the best song to demonstrate how long it should take to wash your hands, per the Centers for Disease Control? We went with a different song (which has ALWAYS been in the public domain, unlike the correct song, which only became public domain recently), which, incidentally, I used to demonstrate to my niece years ago when we were washing our hands together at the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum in 2004…but the song we picked was incorrect. Hey…it works JUST AS WELL, CDC – and you never had to pay a royalty to the songwriter to sing it (LOL)!  Hey, as a side note, that very same niece is competing in the Junior Nationals cross country ski championships in Anchorage, AK this week (I’m beside myself with excitement for her, as some of you already know)! This is a pretty big deal – you can see future Olympians in events like these! Miss for 4.

3. In The Classroom – What object used commonly in classrooms is made of soft white porous sedimentary rock? 2.

Scores heading into the final:

Eight teams, scores 47 to 61, with Ham Wallets in first. We were in fifth with 52 points, just two points ahead of One is the Loneliest Number/Two’s Company.

Final Category – Movie Music

Based on a film series, what two separate film soundtracks sold 43,000 copies on cassette tape in 2018?

Mike said after we got this question incorrect – that had he known about the qualifier “cassette” we would have gotten this right (but we would not have finished higher than third had we wagered on this). Sigh…these things happen! Clearly it was just not our night…

Our next trivia outing is “tentatively” going to be a “local” Sporcle show on Thursday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Robert Ford!




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