Trivia Recap – March 3, 2019 – Oscar’s Sports and Grill

Answers in the comments. 

Mission Impossible may have been the subject of the game one final question Saturday – but was also an… apt way to describe the ability of most players to get BOTH of the tough final questions correct! Trivia can sometimes be as challenging as trying to use a computer in a zero gravity atmosphere, as Tom Cruise will demonstrate below:


I have not seen ANY of the Mission Impossible movies! They just seem too much like “vehicles” for Tom Cruise. Movie “vehicles” are kind of offensive to me – unless they were vehicles for the late, great Leslie Nielsen (RIP)!

We visited our seventh trivia spot of the season Saturday when three of us (myself, Mike and Evan) visited Oscar’s, which we most recently visited in late December – and before that, in August, 2018. What other six spots have we played this year? Original Gravity (three times), Corner Brewery (twice), Sticks (twice), Tower Inn (once), Haymaker (once) and Powell’s (once). We’re not eyeing end of season tournaments this season – but focusing instead on playing when – and where – we can get a team together – specifically teams that have a chance at winning prizes! Just like Captain Kirk – we don’t believe in unwinnable scenarios! This doesn’t mean we always win – it just means we’re trying to…stay positive! Even when another player wagered NINE POINTS on a question we missed in game one (more about that later)!

As for the game, we finished at the top of the “points” heap with 98 points – which should give you an idea about how much teams struggled with those final questions! We also won a $15/first place prize in game two (we wagered zero on the final question).

And…the questions!

Game One

1. Bases – The U.S. naval station Guantanamo Bay is located on land leased by what country? 10

2. ’90s Movies – What actress played the title role in There’s Something About Mary? For a “nerd” bonus point, who directed this movie? We got the bonus point, but missed this because of sheer…miscommunication.  I had one actress written down, then changed it to the correct answer on my “scratch” paper. I thought Mike saw that I’d crossed out the first actress and saw the correct woman I’d written down, but he wrote down a….different woman. And he thought I saw the woman he’d written down on the slip. In my defense, the points slips ARE a lot smaller now (eyes not getting any younger). Sigh… all of this sounds much better coming out of Robert Plant when he sings these lyrics  (with guitar backup by Jimmy Page):



Communication breakdown…

It doesn’t matter that the song is about lusting after a woman – and NOT screwing up a points wager in a trivia game! What matters is that it was a complete…communication breakdown! Poor Mike felt SO bad…but even had we not missed those points, we wound up missing the final question anyway – so it was a moot point.

3. HBO – What mode of transportation is referred to in the title of an HBO series that aired from 1995 to 2006? Evan with the correct guess for 3.

4. Latin – What word from Latin meaning “large” was also used in the name of a 1970s drawing toy and a 13th Century peace treaty? 8

5. Alloys – Magnalium is an alloy of 5 percent Magnesium and 95 percent what other element – and is commonly used in aircraft and car parts? 4

6. MVPs – What San Francisco Giants player was the most recent pitcher to win the World Series MVP award? Evan the “MVP” here for 5.


Who says watching Animaniacs can’t teach you stuff?

7. Art – The Siena Cathedral is home to sculptures made by what artist between 1501 to 1504? FB clue, 7.

8. Candy – A standard bag of Reese’s Pieces contains 50 percent orange pieces and 50 percent pieces of what two other colors? 6


9. Documentaries – Free Solo, the most recent movie to win the Oscar for best documentary feature, chronicles what activity? Hint, it’s NOT about Luke’s attempt to get Han Solo out of Jabba’s Palace (LOL)!

10. Commercials – Audio clip of commercial where a guy is saying “Two is better than one,” total miss for 1.

Mystery – Run, Jump, or Walk – All correct song titles will have one of these words in the title.

M1. – 2004 – Kanye West

M2. – 1998 – Third Eye Blind

M3. – 1989 – Tom Petty

M4. – 1992 – Kriss Kross

Got all of these (nice teamwork)! Evan shared a cute little “story” about Kriss Kross – saying he wore his pants backwards to school like the members of Kriss Kross…and got into trouble for doing so (his older brother was really into Kriss Kross). We also got to wondering which member of this “duo” was dead. For inquiring minds? It was Chris Kelly (aka “Mac Daddy”). You can read about that here. The other “half” of the duo’s name is also Chris (last name Smith), but his nickname is “Daddy Mac,” NOT “Mac Daddy!” Are we clear! Good! If we ever get an “either or” round of trivia questions asking about which member of Kriss Kross is dead, I’ll “jump” out of a window!

Off topic…Rob Pilatus is the guy from Milli Vanilli whom is dead (Fab Morvan still lives). Ahem…enough digression!

Scores: Seventeen teams, scores 20 to 63 with Strawberries in first. we were in fifth with 57 tied with one other team.

Final Category – Film Series

Each of the first four films in the Mission Impossible series were directed by a different person, prior to Christopher McQuarrie directing Rogue Nation and Fallout. Name two of those four directors who directed one of the first four films in the series.

It all came down to…guessing for us. And apparently for all of the other teams, too. No teams got both correct.

Final scores: Strawberries, 43; Let’s Get it, 58.

Game Two

1. Awards – Ed Smith served as the model for what football award which has been given out since 1935? 6

2. Band Members – Belinda, Charlotte, Jane, Gina and Kathy are all first names of what group which has released four studio albums since 1981? 10.

3. Actors – What is the highest-grossing movie starring Morgan Freeman that does not feature Batman? We thought a little about a “kiddie” movie he was in, but thankfully we “marched” in the right direction here for 3.

4. Tourist Attractions – What name describes the oldest area of New Orleans, which is also a popular tourist destination? This question is abbreviated, 9.

5. Generals – President Harry Truman relieved General Douglas MacArthur of duty during what war? For a “nerd” bonus point, within one, in what year did this occur? Got this for 4 plus the bonus point.

6. Outer Space – Which planet’s moon orbits 4,000 miles above the planet’s surface – which is the closest moon to a planet in the solar system? 5

7. Sitcoms – Burns Brothers Construction was owned by siblings Adam and Don on what 2016 sitcom? Miss for 1.


Who’s the guy in this picture? If you know this, then you might also know the answer to the next question!

8. Playwrights – Who won the Pulitzer Prize for the 1979 play Buried Child, which went on to be nominated for five Tony Awards in its 1996 revival? I have a feeling this question stumped nearly every team in the room. So I will give this additional “hint” – this person also received an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Chuck Yeager in The Right Stuff. Want another “hint?” He was also romantically involved with actress Jessica Lange for 26 years (I may have gotten this question correct had I been given that last hint). I don’t know WHY this obscure fact is in my brain, it just…is!

9. Programming – What programming language first introduced in the early 1990s was named for a comedy troupe – and not a type of snake? 8

10. Airlines (we were really worried since we had a seven point slip remaining) – According to United Airlines’ old slogan, what type of skies will you be flying? Whew, a “friendly” way to end the round! 7

Visual Mystery –


Got all of these (it was all Mike and Evan, nicely done, gents)!

Scores – Eleven teams, scores 20 to 61 with us in first.

Final Category – Dr. Seuss

Then we spent the next couple of minutes pretending we knew what they were going to ask about…and KNEW we wouldn’t be able to answer the question. So we wagered zero.

Put the following Dr. Seuss characters in chronological order, from earliest to latest, according to when they first appeared in print.
The Lorax
The Sneetches
The Cat in the Hat
Horton the Elephant

Final standings: Better Late Than Never, 56; ‘Pods, 61.

Until next time, which is…TBD. A Monday game is a “possibility.” It will be a game day decision. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Sam Shepard!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – March 3, 2019 – Oscar’s Sports and Grill

  1. Game one:
    1. Cuba
    2. Cameron Diaz
    3. Taxi
    4. Magna
    5. Aluminum
    6. Baumgartner
    7. Michelangelo
    8. brown and yellow
    9. rock climbing
    10. AT&T

    1. Jesus Walks
    2. jumper
    3. Running Down a Dream
    4. Jump

    final question answers:
    Brian De Palma
    John Woo
    J.J. Abrams
    Brad Bird

    Game two –

    1. Heisman
    2. Go-Gos
    3. Bruce Almighty
    4. French Quarter
    5. Korean War/1951
    6. Mars
    7. Man with a Plan
    8. Sam Shepard
    9. Python
    10. Friendly

    Visual mystery:
    Kid Icarus, Excite Bike, Legend of Zelda, Ghosts and Goblins

    Final question answers:
    1. Horton the Elephant (1940)
    2. The Sneetches (1953)
    3. The Cat in the Hat (1957)
    4. The Lorax (1971)

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