Update On My Phone…

For those of you following the saga of my mobile phone – which recently – and unexpectedly – went on a wet ‘n wild adventure in my washing machine (read more about that in this other blog)! Well, I buried it in dry rice immediately – and it still “sort of” works! I can make calls with it (as long as I dial the number directly), I can receive calls with it. The only thing that doesn’t work…is the screen. Minor detail, right?

We stopped in at a Verizon store today to inquire about whether they could attempt to fix the phone. You know how Apple stores fix things they sell? Well, Verizon stores DO NOT. The clerk who “assisted” us said that we’d have to go through a “third party.” Google tells me that there is a “Genius Phone Repair” shop not too far from me. Since I still have $126 left to pay on the phone (which I’ve only had a little more than three months), it…well, behooves me to exhaust all options other than replacing it right away.

I would LOVE nothing more than to be able to give this business an absolutely GLOWING review! I can turn a phrase, after all! So I will be checking this place out soon to see if they can work any magic. In the meantime, I’ll be “making do” with my phone that works… 50 percent! I’ve informed friends that regularly communicate with me via text that they’re best off using Facebook messenger/email for now (or they can call me/I’ll call them). It seems most of the way I communicate with people these days is through Facebook Messenger, anyway.

This really shouldn’t be too difficult. After all, weren’t cell phones originally intended to be used for emergencies only? I can still call for help when I’m on the road. I can call AAA, I can call 911 – I can even call my folks, my brother, my in-laws, my employer and my friend Brad (the only numbers I have memorized). For numbers I don’t have memorized? I can call 411 – or look up by viewing past phone activity on my bill.

We’re waiting until our state tax refund comes in before making any  major expenditures. Fingers crossed that SOMEONE can fix my phone!

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