Looks Like Saturday Trivia It Is! (March 1, 2019)

All of my efforts to play a trivia game somewhere this week have… utterly failed. Monday didn’t work, since my work schedule changed at the 11th hour. Tuesday didn’t work because trivia was canceled at the closest place to play, we’re not playing Wednesdays anymore (unless it’s “‘Pods Night” at Corner Brewery, next one is Wednesday, March 13) and Thursday didn’t work because I had to work early today. I usually have Fridays off. A Thursday trivia game is on the “schedule” for next week.

What’s a trivia junkie to do? Why, play Saturday, of course! Unsure if I’ll have anyone helping me out or not…but barring any catastrophic weather…I’ll be there! I haven’t played at this particular trivia spot since late December – and before that, August, 2018! My team has won a couple of tournament spots by playing here.

I actually have a “reason” to go out to this game now! It seems the host, Liz, posted on Facebook about wanting bottle caps from “Larry’s Latest: Flamingo Fruit Fight”  beer made by Bell’s Brewing Company. The bottle caps have flamingos on them, and I (presume) she wants them for some “crafty” endeavor.

As it turns out, I checked the “bin” on our bottle opener…and sure enough, there were six Flamingos in there! Sure, no problem – I’ll give you my trash to “upcycle!” Knock yourself out! My husband and I bought a six pack of that beer a while back. It was pretty good!


This was a nice change of pace, but it’s a bit too sour for me to have more than a couple…

I also had three bottle caps with little bees on them in the bin. They were from the bottles of B Nektar cider/mead hybrid we had over New Year’s. I asked Liz if she wanted the bee caps too, and she said “yes.” Birds and the bees?


I made this bottle opener in middle school wood shop class!


“Take a seat on the rug, kids, and grab your favorite stuffed animal! You’re going to learn about the birds and the bees! Now, about the other morning when you walked into mommy and daddy’s bedroom and you asked what daddy was doing to me…”


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