Sporcle Live Season 33 Percent Done!

The Sporcle  Live  trivia season is almost  at the one-third point with seven weeks  in  the books out of a 21 week season. That seemed like SUCH a long time at the beginning.

What has my team been  doing? So far we’ve  played at Original  Gravity  three times, Tower  Inn once, Sticks  twice  and Corner  Brewery once. Our total points are 693, our average  points  per night is about 99, and our prizes  average  about $10 per night. We’ve  also played  one MTL  game this calendar  year.

We’re  not trying  to  qualify  for  end of season  tournaments – Sporcle  or MTL –  at the  moment. I am fairly  certain  that  ship  has sailed – though  I never  like  to  say never!

Sporcle’s semifinals  and  state  tournaments  are  scheduled  for  June. Not a good time  to plan  activities  if you  have a loved one  graduating  from high school! My niece’s open  house  will most  likely  conflict  with  the  deciding games, and that’s … OK!  This is kind of an important  life event. Sigh…she’s  an adult now! Seems so unreal.

I’m  trying  to play  at  least  one  Sporcle game  per week minimum.  Next  week’s  game  might  be  at Oscar’s, a spot  I  haven’t  visited  since  December   (weather  permitting).

A Powell’s game Monday (MTL) game  is also planned next week. My husband  and  I had a long talk, and he said  he’s  done with his “issues” he had with Powell’s newest  host  Stacy.  We both  agreed  that her being  on the mic instead  of George  was a positive. He was one of the reasons  I had cold feet about returning to Powell’s.

This  doesn’t  mean  we’ll  play at Powell’s every  week OR ever  try qualifying  there  again. But I will not rule it out!

Monday  trivia  nights  became  an attractive  option  beginning  in  2014 when one of our  favorite  bars  started doing  live  music  nights  which  drove us away (on all day happy hour day). We played at Aubree’s in Ypsilanti  Township Monday nights in the spring of 2014 (this  place didn’t have trivia for very long). We played  our very  first  game at Powell’s  in October, 2014 (on a bye  week), and not long after  that, started  checking  out  Maiz Cantina’s Monday  trivia  nights.

Maiz is no  longer  a trivia  spot. So for now, Powell’s  offers the best alternative  for escaping live music on Mondays at the Corner  Brewery!

So there  you  go! There’s  our Monday  night trivia “origin story!”

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