Taking a Walk In February Without Having To Zip My Coat? Yes, Please (Feb. 5, 2019)!

Editor’s note: This is an ongoing “log” of my attempts to take regular walks, as part of my 2019 New Year’s resolution to “move my ass more.” 

Me and a “walking partner” (aka my husband Mike) decided to just take a walk “in the neighborhood” today, since snow was all melted from all roadways, and conditions were fairly mild. A thermometer at a local church told me, as if from the mouth of God – that it was 36 degrees today. And virtually no wind chill. No hat or gloves were necessary, I just wore my lighter weight winter coat, a long-sleeve “long john” shirt underneath, and just one layer of pants (fleece lined leggings).


The Victorious Life Church of God, on Clark near the intersection of Sweet Road (east of Prospect)

It was a pretty uneventful walk. Didn’t see any critters, not even one single bird. I speculate that the local waterfowl/bird populations all checked into a Motel 6 when the big storm and cold fronts swept across the U.S. last week. Either that or they all died…

However, when walking alongside the road, there are almost always things that will raise your eyebrows. Like that one time I saw a stray pair of women’s panties, which were probably flung out a window in a fit of passion (or a fit of discomfort – “Screw these panties, I’m going commando from here on out”). Or the time I saw a takeout container with chicken bones in it (I am kicking myself for not photographing that and captioning it, “winner, winner, chicken dinner”). I saw a half pizza lying by the road once (no box).  Today, it was a discarded half sandwich wrap that got my attention.


The human who bought this wrap may not have liked it, but I’m sure before long a critter will find this and chow down on it greedily!

Today’s walk was just under four miles and took about 90 minutes. Not exactly an ideal pace, but my walking “partner” wanted to take some breaks to stretch. Hey…after all of the painful gout episodes I’ve witnessed the poor dear suffering over the past eight years or so, I’m happy he can walk at ALL! Thankfully, the gout episodes seem to have flown the coop, and all he deals with now are some minor arthritic symptoms (mainly in the hands). There is a reason wedding vows usually contain the words “sickness and health.”


The annoying narrow stretch of Prospect we have to walk before we get to use “side streets.” Prospect is busy 24-7!

On that note, here’s to him and I both continuing to try improving our health! He announced on today’s walk that he wants to stop smoking. I suggested he taper back first rather than trying to stop cold turkey. I’m certainly not going to nag him in his efforts, but he’ll have my full support!


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