Could I Have Planned A Cabin Trip Better?

I reserved a “camper cabin” today on the Michigan Department of Natural Resources web site. On at least three levels – it’s going the most perfectly planned cabin trip…of all time (barring weather, which I cannot plan for). The camper cabin has three rooms – a living/dining area with a fold-out futon, refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker – and two separate bedrooms, which each have two bunks.  We’ll be sharing costs of this cabin with a friend of ours named Dave, whom will probably be bringing his 10-year-old son. There is an electric heater in the cabin in case weather gets chilly. The camper cabin is in a fairly secluded location that overlooks Portage Lake west of Chelsea, MI.



Camper cabin at Waterloo Recreation Area, located on Portage Lake near Chelsea, MI

Why This Is The Best-Timed Cabin Trip Ever:

  1. I scheduled the trip just BEFORE the alcohol ban kicks in at the Portage Lake Unit at Waterloo Recreation Area near Chelsea, MI (we’ve camped in campgrounds with alcohol restrictions in the past, and though it is “do-able,” within certain parameters, it’s not the most fun experience in the world). Camping while pretending not to drink involves covered coffee cups, a shit ton of discretion, and a ninja like ability to be super quiet. Which is difficult to do when you’re…drinking – while camping!
  2. I scheduled the trip just AFTER the modern restroom/shower buildings are opened up for the season, so the “pit toilets” will only be “optional”
  3. I scheduled the trip on a date in April which won’t conflict with My Trivia Live trivia tournaments (in case we are called upon to be “hired guns” like we were last season).

As my husband put it? “That’s what you would call threading the needle!” Aww, shucks!


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