With Warmer Weather In Michigan Winter…Comes Mud ‘n Slush (Feb. 3, 2019)!

Things have been thawing out for a couple of days in Southeast MI, in the “Polar Vortex” aftermath. Temperatures hit the ’40s today, so I was able to put on a light jacket and take a walk outside. The park we visited today was a bit…slushy – and muddy.


So…I should wear winter boots today, right? There was only minor “seepage” with these nylon Columbia boots – but then, I did walk through some gushing “rivulets” of water, so they were REALLY put to the test! My socks were only slightly damp in a couple of spots when I took the boots off. But I’ll see what else I can do to shore’ em up better!

Today’s walk was about an hour, and a little under four miles – the location was North Bay Park in Ypsilanti, which gives walkers an up close and personal view of Ford Lake. The artificial lake is the result of a dammed section of the Huron River. It’s pretty enough to look at, but runs right by a major freeway, and uh…I wouldn’t eat any fish caught from the lake if I were you! There are even signs all over the park telling visitors just that. Other than that, this park is still pretty popular with birders, and others who want to get a “dose” of nature without having to trek too far away – or deal with multitudes of joggers and cyclists at Gallup Park, which is another popular local park. Ugh, don’t get me started on those inconsiderate cyclists who just zoom by you without saying “on the left.” That’s another blog topic entirely!


Satellite view of today’s walking route through North Bay Park in Ypsilanti. There are a couple of entrances to this park – off Grove Road, or off Whittaker Road, right near the I-94 exit and the Eagle Crest Golf Club.

Don’t really have a whole lot more to say about today’s walk itself, but here are some pics…







Those reedy areas are ideal nesting locations for swans. There weren’t too many birds out on the lake today, though it’s usually bird central.


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