We’ll Be Doing A “Pop-Up” Camping Trip!

I made a reservation today to rent a pop-up camper for two nights on a weekend this coming spring at Mears State Park in Pentwater, MI. Pentwater is a small “artsy” town, kind of on the “fancy pants” side, but is just fine for a weekend camping trip! The last time my husband and I visited this state park was in June, 2014 when a couple of friends of ours were having a beach wedding a few miles away at a time-share on the Lake Michigan coast. We paid for a couple of nights of tent camping, and just drove to their time-share for the wedding and the “after party.” I was recruited to take pictures of the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding activities, and wanted to be able to upload the photos from my laptop while I was in their time-share. I remember getting into a little “turf war” with another of the wedding guests who was using up precious bandwidth on a video game THAT HE WASN’T EVEN PLAYING. The other wedding guests took my side in the matter, and decreed that “Spike” was to disconnect his video game so that I could upload the pictures! Because they all wanted to see them!



The top photo is one of my favorite photos from the wedding day – Mike and Dave look SO…what’s the word? Put upo  carrying those bundles of firewood! We did a beach bonfire the night after the wedding ceremony and reception.

While it was very nice being there for the wedding, sometimes it can be a bit “much” to be around large groups of people for an extended period – even if they’re people you love dearly. Such is the way of things for an introvert at heart. It will be nice re-visiting this park and camping an entirely different way (on our wedding anniversary)! Happy it will be “just us.” We’ve done tent camping, we’ve stayed in yurts, and all types of cabins, modern and rustic. We’ve even “camped” in my in-laws’ RV (if you can call that “camping”). While my husband Mike has camped in a pop-up camper before, I have never done such a thing. So it will be a “memory lane” thing for him, and a completely different experience for me!


This is not an actual photo of the pop-up we’ll be renting, but it’s similar.

Can’t wait – should be a lot of fun! The pop-up has a space heater, A/C, a microwave and a hot plate. A HOT PLATE? We’ll be living in the lap of luxury on THIS camping trip!


I’ll just be happy to not be sleeping on the ground! It’s something that gets harder and harder to do the older you get…

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