Wow! Thirteen Degrees? Why It Almost Feels…Balmy! Also, Taking “Fitness Break” Today

I was out a bit ago running some errands, and the car’s thermometer stated that it was THIRTEEN WHOLE DEGREES outside! When comparing it to the “Polar Vortex” nonsense we’ve endured the past 2-3 days, it really did almost feel like spring outside! No hat, no gloves, no winter boots. It’s not unusual for Michigan weather to be, well…wacky. I recall weather warm enough on February 11, 2004 for University of Michigan college students to wearing shorts – and “Wellie” boots (that was kind of nice little “birthday” treat, LOL)! Warm weather on a winter “birthday kid’s” birthday? Yes please!

About a week after my birthday in 2017, a similar freakish thing happened with weather – with temperatures reaching the ’60s! I put on some shorts, and we went out for a little walk out at a local state park. Though it wasn’t TOO much of a walk, as I’d rolled an ankle the night before and was kind of limping a bit.


Me at Brighton Recreation Area in February, 2017

It’s supposed to pretty warm Saturday, when I’m going to a Groundhog Day party at the Howell, MI Nature Center! Yes! I FINALLY get to go to a real “Groundhog Day” party (I’m really excited about it – but then I’m kind of a strange person that way). To read a blog I wrote about Groundhog Day last year, click here. It’s mostly about their mating habits, so you might want to have a cold shower at the ready (LOL)!

This means I get to wear my Groundhog Day shirt! Which is actually the second Groundhog Day shirt I’ve ever owned. The first one was a Woodchuck hard cider T-shirt that said, “On Feb. 2, Woody rises.” Eventually, I wore it while painting the house, and in addition to the random blue and off white paint stains that magically showed up on the shirt, it just kind of wore out and is now festering away in a landfill somewhere.


I’ll be wearing this shirt on Saturday!

No walks or fitness blogs today. It’s good to take “off” days from fitness walks. Saturday, we’re going to take a hike somewhere to soak up the warmer weather.

That’s about all for now! Happy Groundhog Day in advance to everyone! Hope the bitey rodent predicts an early Spring.

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