Trivia Recap – Feb. 1, 2019 – Sticks (Ypsilanti, MI)

Editor’s note: Answers will be in the comments.

A couple of ‘Pods and a ‘Pods “reservist” joined forces Thursday for a night of Sporcle Live trivia at Stick’s hosted by Sporcle With Tim, whom was wearing shorts on the cold, cold night. You know it’s cold when you put on long johns under your pants to get into a car for a drive to the bar lasting fewer than 10 minutes! But that’s just me – my legs happen to get cold when it’s…cold. This is all speculation, of course, but Tim’s decision to wear shorts may have been akin to his giving a solid middle finger to winter storm Jayden and his…or her (does gender really matter?) icy wrath, which has swept over much of the United States over the past few days. And for that…we salute you, Tim! Jayden can keep beer from being delivered, close down schools and cause car accidents, but Jayden can’t tell us all to bundle up and submit to his…or her will, no sir – or madam! Ahem…this lame attempt at a “winter fashion blog” aside, how about some details of the game?
Our “trio” was myself, Mike and Evan – we won a first place for both games, for a total of $30 – and 156 points total (that’s the highest score our team has had in quite a while). And as luck would have it, our Aubree’s “rewards” benefit of $10 off our purchase kicked in on that night, so our tab was essentially zero and we’ll have a $15 gift card to use next time (Evan took the other gift card). Now THAT’s giving a middle finger to Jayden! Take that! You’re not going to keep us under piles of warm blankets on the couch at home and watching episodes of Cowboy BeBop – we’re going to put on our boots, long johns, hats, scarves and gloves just to be warm enough to walk from the car to the bar! And a zip up fleece jacket underneath a down coat!
On the positive side, our car’s thermometer reading (not counting wind chill) was only -1 when we got out of the car. Since it was -18 when I got out of my car and walked into work that morning, I said, “Hey, it’s MUCH warmer than it was this morning. We can do this!” #itsallrelativewhenitcomestomichiganweather
And…the questions!
Game One
1. Helping – What type of non-paying work, similar to volunteering, is often used in addition to or in lieu of jail time for sentencing criminals? 10
2. Talk Shows – Who was the most recent American- born regular host of The Late, Late Show on CBS, which debuted in 1995? Evan with right guy for 5.
3. Baseball Stats – In order to win the Pitching Triple Crown, a MLB pitcher must lead their league in three statistical categories – name two of those categories – three for a bonus point. Evan stepped up to “bat” for all three, 4.
4. Crackers – What Nabisco cracker was first introduced in the 1940s and has since had several spin-off varieties, including vegetable, oat, pita and rice? 6
5. Latin – What does ad hoc mean – multiple choice – “for this,” “and others,” “therefore,” or “out of many one?” 7
6. Beer – MillerCoors produces an Irish red premium lager under what brand name? 9
7. Whales – What is the term for the filter feeding system in the mouth of some whales as opposed to those that have teeth? Two different answers were accepted here, got this for 8. I assigned the job of “marine biologist” to Mike, and he did not disappoint!
8. Hit Songs – Audio clue of three highest-charting singles, had to name the artist. Evan named the right artist right away, but second guessed himself (these things happen), miss for 1.
9. Flags – What territory is represented by this flag (pictured below)? FB clue, 3.
10. Gangsters – What is the nickname of gangster George Kelly Barnes whose favorite weapon was invented by John T. Thompson? 2
Mystery – Twisted Titles – one letter of correct answer will be changed to satisfy following clues:
M1 – Andrew Luck is quarterback of what team that is named for a garment usually worn outdoors when it is cold?
M2 – The NHL team once known as the “Broad Street Bullies” got their name for a container to cook food
M3 – Oddly after moving from Milwaukee in 1966 a Southern MLB team named themselves after an orthodontic device
M4 – Devin Booker is the star of what NBA team named for a nomadic group of people who lived in Central Asia and raided the Roman Empire
Got all of these. Number two is dedicated to Brad, whom though did not play with us on this night, helped me get this answer correct (see, sometimes I listen to him when he blathers on about sports stuff)! Helps that this factoid has a “Simpsons” tie in, though!
I’ll bet their games were interesting to watch!
Scores –
Twelve teams ,scores ??? to 66, with us in first.
Final Category – Baby Names
According to the Social Security Administration, in 1960, Mary was the most popular baby name for a girl. Each of the next four most-popular baby names for a girl were five letters long. Name one of those four names.
Mike came with correct name right away…
Final standings: Periodic Table Dancers, 83, ‘Pods, 84.
Game Two
1. Animals – the medullary bones serve as an important source of calcium in females of what kind of animal? Evan had the right “animal instinct” and tried to help “steer” us in the right direction here, but we missed this for 3.
2. Settings – What 1979 comedy film is set at Camp North Star which has a rivalry with nearby Camp Mohawk – who traditionally dominates their annual Olympiad? 10
3. Reality TV – MTV’s The Challenge is a spin off of what two series, which originally provided the contestants for the competition? Evan for big points, 9.
4. Songs and Harry Potter – Which Hogwarts’ house uses the colors referenced in the lyrics to a 2010 single by Wiz Khalifa? We knew the correct colors, but not the correct Hogwarts house, miss for 4.
5. Clubs – What type of event has been held annually by the New York Friars Club since 1950 with the 1998-2002 events televised on Comedy Central? 8
6. Musicals – What 1997 musical had songs titled Largest Floating Object in the World, No Moon and Mr. Andrews’ Vision? I completely forgot that they made a musical out of this, though I did stumble onto that fact recently…and this nearly made our game crash right into a (I’ll stop here)! Miss for 2.
7. Amusement Parks – Frontier City, Great Adventure and Magic Mountain are among the amusement parks in the U.S. owned by what company? 7
Me at Great America in Gurnee, IL in 1979 (this amusement park is also owned by the company we were asked about in the above question)
8. Boxers – The 1960s heavyweight champion Charles Liston was better known by what name? And for some strange reason…I knew this answer. I can list only so many things that I know about boxing, so this was weird – I honestly don’t know HOW I knew that (it doesn’t matter how you know an answer in a trivia game, all that matters is that you know it). 6
9. Beverages – What fruit based drink was designated as the official beverage of New Hampshire? 1
10. World Geography – At the point where the Tumen River flows into the Sea of Japan, name one of the two countries for which this river forms a border. For a bonus point name both. Got both for 5 plus the bonus.
Visual Mystery –
Missed #3.
Scores: Thirteen teams, scores ?? to 58, with Periodic Table dancers in first. We were in third with 52 points.
Final Category – Actor/Director Collaborations
In the late-1980s and early-1990s, Samuel L. Jackson appeared in four consecutive Spike Lee-directed films. Name two of those four films.
Got both of these.
In May, 2018, we had a very similar final question:
In the late-1980s and early-1990s, Samuel L. Jackson appeared in four consecutive Spike Lee-directed films. Name two of those four films.
We put the same answers down for both of these final questions – but got the question wrong in the May, 2018 game!
Well, that was it for our trivial pursuits for this week! Unsure where we will be chasing prizes next week, but it will be someplace on Thursday.  That all depends upon the weather (we wanted to stay close to home which is why we played at a place only 1.5 miles away last night). As always, Go Pods and stay classy, House of Hufflepuff!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Feb. 1, 2019 – Sticks (Ypsilanti, MI)

  1. Game one

    1. community service

    2 craig kilborn

    3 wins strikeouts ERA

    4 wheat thins

    5 for this

    6 killians

    7 baleen or whale bone also accepted

    8 michelle branch

    9 cuba

    10 machine gun kelly

    m1 – indanapolis coats

    m2 – Philadelphia Fryers

    m3 – Atlanta Braces

    m4 – Phoenix Huns

    Final: Susan, Karen, Linda, Donna

    game two

    1 bird

    2 meatballs

    3 road rules and real world

    4 hufflepuff

    5 roasts

    6 titanic

    7 six flags

    8 sonny

    9 cider

    10 north korea south korea

    mystery – 

    m1 teen titans

    m2 aquaman

    m3 nightwing

    m4 green arrow

    final: school daze, mo better blues, do the right thing, jungle fever

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