“Yes, I’m Going Out Into This Cold Without A Coat -Who Are You? My Mother?”

My husband and I decided to head to our friendly local indoor shopping mall today to do a little “mall walking.” Today, the weather in my area is -6 when accounting for wind chill. Which means…no outdoor walk today! We did a couple of laps in the mall, so two miles. It was a little…slow for my taste, but this is why walking is NOT a “team” sport! Fitness walking is a solo activity (few can keep up with my pace). Other than that…

Before we started on our walk, circled around a bit to find just the “right” parking spot. My plan was to leave my winter coat in the car, and beeline for the door and get inside. The only other option was to carry my coat (annoying) or put coins in a locker (also annoying, and I’m way too cheap for that).

Mike found a spot reasonably close to one of the doors to the Macy’s store, so we parked and I sprinted in, and sat and waited at a chair that was conveniently located right by the door. So I sat in it, minding my own business. Repeat – minding my OWN business. In my short-sleeved T-shirt, jeans and Skechers walking shoes (the clothing is an important plot point).

Then, out of nowhere, some woman – wearing a knee length quilted down coat and hat – saw me and just HAD to butt into my business.

You’re not going out into this cold without a coat, are you?

Needless to say, I did not react in the most polite manner. Though I could have been far more impolite!

Yes – I have a coat in the car. I didn’t want to wear it while walking through the mall.

Perhaps she saw my point…a little.

Well, I guess the mall is kind of warm

As she walked outside – in her hat – and knee length down coat – I said (kind of rudely):

Thanks for your concern, though.

I actually had quite a nice coat in the car! A black quilted down-filled Marmot coat. It’s nice when you’re out in the blistering cold and winds (as long as you also have a hat) – but it’s not quite so nice when you’re walking around the mall.

I told my husband about this incident, and he was kind of amused.

I love how offended you get when people talk to you.

True that…

Honestly – what do I need to do? Wear a T-shirt that says, “Don’t talk to me” on it?

Speaking of amusing, we passed by a restaurant called P.F. Chang’s, which is an overpriced Asian-ish joint known for its lettuce wrap appetizers. Mike said he had plans to rename the place and change its format.


P.F. Chang’s at Briarwood Shopping Center, Ann Arbor, MI

I want to rename it P.F. Chang and Eng’s. Everything will always be buy-one, get-one free.


Chang and Eng Bunker. Perhaps photos of these conjoined twins would adorn our new P.F. Chang and Eng’s Buy One Get One Free restaurant?

Poor Chang and Eng Bunker….imagine the horror – when Chang was the first to die on January 7, 1874  – and his conjoined twin brother Eng…still lived. It’s almost impossible to even imagine. Eng died two hours later. So for two hours, he was attached to his dead brother. Even a horror film can’t touch this kind of stuff.


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