Why, Yes! I AM Walking Outside In This Cold On Purpose, I Don’t Need a Ride, Thank You…

I was offered a ride today while I was out taking my post-work walk. It’s part of my attempt to stick to a New Year’s resolution I made involving taking (at least) a 30 minute walk every day.

Thankfully, I was very close to home when this occurred. But it still kind of…creeped me out. I had a compact to mid-sized silver sedan slow down and pull up next to me – and the passenger window was down. There was a man inside with short grey hair, he looked to be kind of heavy set and in his late 50s or early 60s.. I didn’t get a really good look at the car, but it looked like an import – possibly a Honda, Toyota or Hyundai. Maybe even a Kia (I am fairly certain it wasn’t a domestic car). I’m trying to remember as many details as I can lest this man wind up being a depraved psychotic who preys on folks just walking along the side of the road – minding their own business and enjoying their “jams” played on headphones.

Sure, MAYBE he was just being nice and Good Samaritan-ish. But I’ve seen FAR too many crime shows. When I got home, I told my husband that I was offered a ride while I was out walking.

“That’s happened to me too,” he said.

My response? “Yeah, well sometimes (getting into a car with a stranger) doesn’t result in being driven off to a remote location, killed and dismembered and leaving the police to try to figure out who the body parts belong to.” I’ll admit my mind can go to some pretty dark places sometimes! Honestly, I think the chances that the guy would wind up being a depraved lunatic who drives around with a shovel and tranquilizer darts in his trunk and a revolver in his glove compartment “just in case” were pretty slim! He was probably just astounded that anyone would willingly be out walking when the temps are in the single digits. I actually handle the cold much better than blistering heat…I would rather layer up and bear the cold than be sweaty in shorts and a tank top.

It really is kind of hard to explain. But when you’re a woman, you always have these kind of thoughts at the back of your mind. At least you SHOULD. Sometimes we have to walk kind of a tightrope, because there are people out there who might not have the best intentions with you. It doesn’t pay to be too trusting. And trusting people could get you killed – if the person you’re trusting happens to be a murderous psychopath (hey, you never know).

Other than that, it was a very pleasant walk! The sun was shining bright, and wind chills were minimal.


Ypsilanti, MI weather conditions on today’s walk.

How about some details about the walk itself? Today’s walk was 1.8 miles and took 38 minutes. Road conditions were “OK,” I stuck to paved roadways and a paved “multi use” path. I stayed on this path until the snowblower path stopped.

What did my mp3 player pick randomly for today’s “marching tunes?”


Mike Patton, Faith No More lead singer. I will never forget the one time I visited the Deja Vu strip club in Ypsilanti in the early 2000s when one of the dancers actually used Faith No More’s Mid Life Crisis as the song she danced to! Was she sending a subliminal message to some of the patrons? A friend of mine bought me a lap dance when we were at the “Vu” – but all she and I did was sit there in the booth and chat about guys in movies that we thought were “hot” (easiest $25 she made all night, LOL)! I remember the dancer saying that Asian guys had small…(ahem). I am not sure how this topic came up! Ah, “girl talk!”
  1. The Chain, Fleetwood Mac (1970s)
  2. Call Me, Blondie (1980s)
  3. Mid Life Crisis, Faith No More (1990s)
  4. Addicted To Love, Robert Palmer (1980s)
  5. Kinda I Want To, nine inch nails (1990s)
  6. Dead Man’s Party, Oingo Boingo (1980s)
  7. True Faith (extended mix), New Order (1980s)

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